Reigniting Creativity + Giveaway

I am excited to see the progress in some of my projects at the moment. Things are finally moving forward. I am traveling a bit for work at the moment, which has led to a great opportunity to diversify my projects. I think it has reignited my creativity.

I took a great class with Season Evans on hand quilting small stitches at QuiltCon. Since taking that class I am now confident in tackling the hand quilting I want to add to Orange Creamsicle quilt top. Luckily, I have a trip scheduled next week, so with my 28wt Aurifil thread in hand, I can start adding some of those lines.

The other travel project at the moment, is an applique project for my book. The blocks have been a lot of fun and I have found them relaxing. I have really enjoyed playing with selections of fabrics from my Alison Glass stash.

The bottom right block is all basted and ready for stitching. I now have plenty of choice in thread colors with my new box set of 80 wt threads, that I picked up this week from the Fat Quarter Shop. It’s fantastic for applique, you hardly see the stitches.

(FYI…I am using #ideadesigncreatequilt if you want to check out progress of my book projects over the next year).


UPDATE: Giveaway closed, winners have been contacted (Emily + Wendy).

Since, I bought my new box of threads of 80wt Aurifil,  I have some duplicate spools from a previous purchase. I would love to share these with a couple of people who are interested in trying it out. I have two “collections” of 5 spools (one neutral, the other multi-colored). I will randomly choose 2 winner’s next Monday at 10pm EST.

To win one of these “collections”, leave a comment below letting me know your favorite applique tutorial and/or technique.




93 thoughts on “Reigniting Creativity + Giveaway

  1. Emily

    I have been appliquéing orange peels. I am self taught! I glue stick my fabric to a template cut from the cover of a free magazine (I get them from the supermarket, they’re full of recipes and special offers), I cut the template using scissors and a paper template that I printed out from an online source. I pin the template/fabric to a background fabric square, eyeballing position, then I hand stitch the fabric. I push the edge under the template as I stitch, the end result is turnded edge appliqué. I cut out the background fabric under the appliqué and pull out the paper template.

  2. Sophie Zaugg

    I’ve never used Aurifil threads for appliqué and would love to try them ! My favourite technique is needle turn appliqué and depending on the shape I use Freezer Paper to do it. Tutorial on my blog 😉 Thanks for the giveaway !

  3. thea4

    I only do needle turn appliqué. Last appliqué project I did was a Tiffany stain glass inspiration. I would love to get a chance to try aurifil threads.’they sound luxious.

  4. Fran

    I took an appliqué class with Carolyn Friedlander late last year & it was my first experience with appliqué but I loved it straight away.

  5. katechiconi

    I do raw edge appliqué, stitched down with a small machine blanket stitch, which I prefer to zigzag/satin stitch. Like you, I baste the pieces down, having first starched them well. Behind the background fabric I use a piece of tear-away stabiliser, and baste through all the layers. The stabiliser prevents the stitches drawing up and channelling, and gives a beautiful flat result. Once I’ve removed the tear away, I trim out the background fabric leaving a 1/8 – 1/4 inch seam allowance so that the piece is still nice and flexible and quilting isn’t too tough. I’d love to win the coloured thread collection 🙂

  6. Heulwen Price

    I’ve done a lot of raw-edge and machine applique, but it’s not actually my favourite. For appearance and wow-factor, I think hand-sewn turned applique is a winner. I also just recently tried reverse applique for the first time and it’s brilliant, I love it!

  7. Dawn Voegeli

    My favorite method is to gather the fabric around a heat resistant template and then starch it to keep the shape. Then I glue baste it down and applique. For larger pieces you can use single sided fusible web to create a shape that you can fuse onto the background and then applique down. Crazy Old Ladies has a tutorial to make their Orange Peel quilt pieces like this on their website. I find needle turn hard so have used these shortcuts when I can. Thanks for the giveaway and for all the inspiration that you constantly provide!

  8. Veronika Bush

    I love attaching funny fussy cut animals by sewing machine — outlining it a few times so it looks a little purposefully messy. Love that look!

  9. brigitdermott

    Carolyn Friedlander got me hooked on needle-turn applique and I am really getting interested in hand quilting. I am just starting to experiment with different weight threads so would love to win these 80 wt. Thanks!

  10. lewisnancy54

    I love needle-turn applique. It gives me something to do in the evenings while watching TV with the family. I would love to try 80 wt. thread.

  11. Linda Williamson

    I like needle turn appliqué I haven’t done a lot, but I’m still learning. Would love to tryout some of the 80 wt thread from Aurifil.

  12. Bonnie Preslar

    I love hand applique. I find it calming and so satisfying!! My favorite technique is needle turn!! I have been dying to try the new 80 wt. thread!! I also love English paper piecing…The fine thread would make those little whip stitches just disappear!

  13. Jayne

    Your projects are gorgeous! I don’t do a lot of appliqué, but I do like raw edge the best! Freezer paper would be my second choice!

  14. Patty

    I love needle turn applique ever since it was demoed at the guild meeting. Inspired me to look for more tutorials and try it out!

  15. Carol Nelms

    I am new to applique, on my first quilt. I am using fusible and 50 wt Aurifil by machine. Can I use the 80 wt on the machine? I would love to give it a try!

  16. Lisa Marie

    I usually choose my applique technique by what’s appropriate for the type of project, how it will be used and if it needs to be machine washable. I do love the look of needleturn applique but hadn’t mastered it from tutorials or books. What it took was a live class (with Suzanne Marshall) where the instructor could be there to observe and give advice. I don’t do hand applique often, so I’m no expert, but I’m much happier with my results since taking that class.

  17. Kathy E.

    Oh, I’d love to play with your threads! I’ve tried many different applique methods, but my favorite is Lara Buccella’s technique used in her book Crafted Applique: New Possibilities. It leaves a no-fray edge and will adhere forever!

  18. Jennyroo

    I have only tried raw edge applique. My grandma was the queen of needle-turn but she never taught me. 😦

  19. Delaine

    My favorite applique method is the finished edge method (I think that is what it is called – where you sew around the shape with a satin stitch.) Thanks!

  20. tarnia

    I am about to try folding the edges under with a Clover fabric folding pen, prior to stitching down. I have tried fusibles (too stiff), the freezer paper/starch method (fiddly), and am getting frustrated. Next it will be plain old needle turned. Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Melody

    I’ve started the 2017 BOM by Sarah Fielke and it’s turn applique. She has talked about the 80wt thread and I am now loving this weight for appliqué. Great stuff but hard to find in local stores. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Angela Short

    I like the Spoon flower Sampler Tutorial. I like fusible applique with satin stitching. Good luck everyone in the giveaway. angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  23. nona63

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway!❤❤ I just looked the 80 wt collection up on @fatquartershop yesterday and was heartbroken! I did not think hubs would go for that ($$$$$) I’m now saving up, but it will be awhile. I would be so blessed to try before I buy so I can show him the difference lightweight thread would make in my applique!!! Thank you for this chance!!!! 😙😙😙

  24. Cindy

    My favorite method us needle turn. I’ve liked using freezer paper in the past, but lately have been enjoying Carolyn Friedlander’s method of hand or machine basting the pieces first.

  25. Alison Kime

    I love that your travels have helped with progress on your gorgeous projects. Such a good feeling to make your creative ideas a reality.

  26. Wendy Welsh

    My favourite Applique is wool felt applique. It feels like cheating at times, but I love the look and the bright colours I can use. Thank you for the giveaway.

  27. Kathy h

    I think my favorite is still the freezer paper technique. I took a class on back basting appliqué and liked that a lot too.

  28. Jane

    I love needle turn appliqué. Took a class from Jeanna Kimball years ago and have loved it ever since. Would really like to try that 80weight thread it must be sublime.


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