New quilt designs {QDAD}

At the moment, I am currently focused on making. However, I managed to get some time in creating some new designs, over the last month. Here they are, including today’s design (the last one).

Spark: Design Seeds via @zoepower

Design: I loved the shape of the plate and the color mixtures I used below. I am not a pastel person but I can definitely see me using this color palette in future.

Spark: Design Seeds via @piiipsy

Design: I loved the angles that the mountains provided and the reverse present in the reflection of the lake. I used those angles in the design.

Spark: Design Seeds via @mylamoments

Design: The common shapes present in the coffee cups and floor tiles at Caviar & Banana’s Restaurant (in Greenville, SC), lead to these designs. I used the black to highlight the graphical nature of the design. The brown, however, might bring a softer feel, if used in the curved plus (outer rings).

I played around a little more with the design above and added a center to the circles. I love how different it made it feel, though it was just a slight change. I would love to see this also made up in bold colored non-neutral solids.

Spark: Design Seeds via @diana_lovring

Design: Still inspired by the floor tiles, and this flower remind of drunkard path like blocks. I really enjoyed playing with the color placement in this block and movement the colors bring to the design.

Spark: Design Seeds via @thebungalow22

Design: Designing the obvious stripes in this one, but using a smaller squared block at various positions and direction to add interest and movement. Reminds me a little of floor tiles. It was also a strange color palette for me. Not a fan of the design, but I can’t think what I would do differently….maybe convert to the triangles based on the edge of the umbrella??

I definitely loved the circular designs. I can see me making a couple of these in future. More to come.

Please Note: If you would like to make or use one of my designs, please email me (ml_wilkie(at)hotmail(dot)com) or leave a comment below. I am happy to talk with you on options and provide the relevant measurements etc. or have you test out a pattern. Also, if you use one of my designs, please use the following text to credit me the design: “Designed by Michelle Wilkie @ Factotum of Arts”.




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