Snowfall {A finish}

I am excited to say that Snowfall, was released last month in Love Patchwork and Quilting. I love how this quilt turned out.


The idea behind the design and quilt was discovered when looking at a wall divider in our local art museum (NCMA). The wall divider had this slight gradation of negative space. That idea and shapes lead to this diamond based quilt.


I wanted to keep the design simplistic so you can focus on the change in shape size and the decrease in Negative space. This led also to the dark grey and white colors and use of solids.  The slant direction adds interest due to the two variant shapes that can be seen in the negative space.


As this is a repetitive block design, it is perfect for chain piecing. You will need to find a way to speed up to get through this 12 x 12 block configuration (144 blocks).

The current quilting was done by Cathy Kirk @thequiltingcowgirl, a 3 in. grid in keeping with the minimalistic style. I do plan to add in some hand quilting to highlight some of the star patterns in the negative space.

Finally, the back adds a little bit of spice/interest. It is a pieced back made from left over great/yellow prints.


Name : Snowfall
Design by myself
Fabric: Kona Cotton (White, Steel)
Binding: Kona Cotton and Carolyn Friedlander print
Dimensions:  60 x 60″
Quilted: Cathy Kirk, @thequiltingcowgirl  Straight Lines ~ 3 inches apart

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