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Tutorial: Fabric art blocks

For Christmas gifts for my colleagues, I needed something quick but handmade. I had a couple of designs in my head, I needed to get out (they were keeping me awake at night). I had an idea to make those blocks into hanging art blocks.

I had a few folks ask about how I mounted the blocks. Here are the steps I used.


  • One (1) Canvas Frame (eg. 12 x 4″)
  • One (1) Fabric Block (eg. 16 x 8″)
  • 1 1/2″ Fusible Batting Tape
  • Staple Gun


  1. When making your block, add two inches to each side (allowance for wrapping around the canvas).
  2. Cut four (4) pieces of batting tape the length of each side. The batting tape will be used to stabilize and finish the edges of the block.
  3. Fold the batting tape over each edge (one at a time). Iron to adhere the batting tape and hold it in place. Take the pre-made canvas board and place it on the back of the block face down.
  4. Take the first long edge of the fabric block and fold over the frame. Staple in the middle, in place. Repeat on the opposite side, stretching the block flat. Fold the corners (try folding a 45 degree angle), pull lightly to stretch the block smooth, staple in place. Repeat with each corner. If needed, add additional staples to provide the appropriate even stretch over your frame.
    NOTE: Check as you add the staples, that the block is laying flat and have smooth edges with each addition of a staple.

  5. Turn your block over….your block is all done. This block is a 12 x 4″.