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Gypsy Wife Quilt Along Schedule + Giveaway

This week, we announced the Gypsy Wife Quilt Along. Are you looking for a replacement QAL for the City Sampler? Then this is perfect.

It took some revisions, but I think we finished an initial plan for the Quilt Along. The schedule for finishing the quilt in December is below, it is never too late to join us over on flickr.


<a href="http://www.flickr.com/groups/2517508@N22"><img alt="GypsyWifeQAL" src="https://factotumofarts.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/gypsywifeqal.jpg" width="199" height="199" /></a>
Month Main Block Filler Blocks Total Blocks
January: Fabric Selection (Link-up next week)
February: Color Wheel (1) Pinwheel Blocks (6×4″) 7
March: Pershing (1) Pinwheel Blocks (1 x3″, 2×2.5″),
Square in Square with Pinwheel center (2),
Square in a Square (1×3″)
April: From the Heart (1) Courthouse Step (1×8″, 1×7″, 1×5″, 2×4″),
Square in a Square (1×3″)
May: Hope from Hartford (1) Hourglass Blocks (2×3″, 1×2″),Square in a Square (1×2.5″,1×3.5″, 1×3”) 7
June: Crazy Anne (1) Square in a Square (4×3″), Bordered Square in a Square (3×5”, 1×7” ) 9
July: Star Block (1) Square in a Square (5×4″), Bordered Square in a Square (1×6”) 7
August: Indian Hatchet (1) Square in a Square (8×3″), 9
September: Puss in the Corner (2) Square in a Square (7×3″), 9
October: Nurses Cross (1), Old Maid Puzzle (2) Square in a Square (5×4″), 8
November: HST Block (2) Square in a Square (1×3″), Square in a Square with Courthouse Steps (6) 9
December: Construction

Next Thursday, I will post a link-up, so we can share initial fabric choices each of us have. I think I have my initial fabrics selected.

Lastly, I have an extra Gypsy Wife Pattern up for grabs. Just leave a comment on what fabrics, fabric line or colors you would use to make the quilt. I will randomly choose a winner, next Thursday @ 6pm EST.


Linking up with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday. I did not realize how hard it is to plan a plan, so I am celebrating finishing up Part 1.

GIVE-AWAY CLOSED: Winner Announced here.