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Gypsy Wife February Recap and March Details

We now have an amazing 100 people, that have linked up on the Gypsy Wife Quilt Along. Some wonderful blocks have been produced, so don’t forget to link those up over at Jo’s giveaway.

Ashley’s Blocks: Wasn’t quilt in a Day


Julie’s Blocks: 627 Handworks

I have created a summary page, with all the important information so it is easy to find for those that still interested in joining.

I am using my True Color fabrics for the Gypsy Wife Blocks. Here is my recap of my February blocks.

Pin Wheels Blocks
Color Wheel Block

This month, the March Schedule is:

March: Pershing (1) Pinwheel Blocks (1 x3″, 2×2.5″),
Square in Square with Pinwheel center (2),
Square in a Square (1×3″)

Pershing BlockPershing Block

Some tips that might be useful for this months block:

  • Pressing your seams are going to be essential for the points and triangles to sit right.
  • The triangles pieces (B, C, E, F) are larger than they need to be for the block, so I fold them in half and then match the center triangle with the tip of triangle created from the previous layers.
  • Check out Jo’s Tutorial on how to sew the triangles (D & E pieces), taking into consideration the 1/4 inch seam.
  • When you get to the final E and D strips and matching the points with the layer below (here the grey and pink points), I used pins as markers of the tips and then matched the tips.
  • Once you have sewn the E and D strips to your block, I recommend trimming at this point. I had much more than 1/4 of an inch from the tip of the point for the orange triangles. I trimmed based on that 1/4 inch.

Gypsy Wife Quilt Along: Blog hop list

Wow!!! I am so surprised at all the folks that have joined us for the Gypsy Wife QAL on Flickr. I am so excited, and what a great bunch of blocks that are showing up already!!

  • GypsyWifeQAL
    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/groups/2517508@N22"><img alt="GypsyWifeQAL" src="https://factotumofarts.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/gypsywifeqal.jpg" width="199" height="199" /></a>

It is not to late to come over and join, as we only started sewing this month. The schedule can be found here.  Kristel (who is helping me with the QAL) over @ Work in Progress Girl did a wonderful post for February on tips and errata’s for this months blocks.

There will be giveaways (prizes) via link-up party at the end of each month. Thank you to our sponsors that have joined us to supporting the giveaways:

The Fat Quarter Shop



Hawthorne Threads
hawthorne_threads_200_225       hawthorne_hues_logo

Fresh Modern Fabric

If you are also interested in helping out with giveaways, you can contact me at ml_wilkie (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Each month (1 week before the end of the month), one of the members of the QAL will be hosting the link up party. Here is the schedule:

Feb:            Jo @ Riddle and Whimsy
Mar:           Ashley @ Wasn’t Quilt in a Day
Apr:           Megan @ Jaffa Quilts
May:          Daisy @ Ants to Sugar
Jun:            Paige @ Paper Starfisy
Jul:             Dee Dee @ Chez Denielle
Aug:           Rachel @ Farm Gal Designs
Sep:           Hydee Ann @ Splish Splash Stash
Oct:            Kathy @ I Heart Squishy
Nov:           Sarah @ {no} Hats
Dec:           Michelle @ Factotum of Arts

Come over and join this wonderful group of people, and stop by the link-up parties to check out how folks are doing.

Gypsy Wife Quilt Along: Fabric Choices + pattern winner + new give-away

Last week, we posted the schedule of the Gypsy Wife Quilt along….and the winner of the Gypsy Wife Pattern is #17
Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 6.38.14 PM
which is dlk3265. I will be emailing you to get your details to ship the pattern.

I am so excited to start looking at my fabrics, choosing what I will use for the Gypsy Wife Quilt. I have decided to use True Colors by Anna Maria Horner, Heather Bailey and Joel Dewberry….I have half yards of all fabrics of these three designers (purchased from Hawthorne threads)


Here is the link-up for February. Don’t forget to:

  • It is not to late join our group for the Gypsy Wife Quilt Along over on Flickr, grab a button  for your blog.GypsyWifeQAL
    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/groups/2517508@N22"><img alt="GypsyWifeQAL" src="https://factotumofarts.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/gypsywifeqal.jpg" width="199" height="199" /></a>
  • Leave a comment on the meet and greet page to introduce yourself,
  • Upload a photo of your fabric choices to Flickr, and link up below,
  • Post a blog post about the quilt along and fabric choices (optional).

All those that are a member of the Gypsy Wife Flickr group + who links up a picture of your fabric choice, will have a chance to win my custom low-volume 1/2 yard bundle of these 6 fabrics. I will randomly draw a winner 31st January (after 6pm EST).

agf_studio_chromatics_triangularity_in_sterling heather_bailey_true_colors_mod_dot_in_dove-1 deena_rutter_scenic_route_wood_grain_in_teal-1 frances_newcombe_safari_moon_soaring_free_in_cloudy-1 carolyn_friedlander_botanics_leaves_in_curry-3 eloise_renouf_bark_and_branch_line_leaf_in_grey-1

UPDATE – 29JAN: Patterns are again available from Westwood acres, and Modern Quilter

Here is the link-up:

Gypsy Wife Quilt Along Schedule + Giveaway

This week, we announced the Gypsy Wife Quilt Along. Are you looking for a replacement QAL for the City Sampler? Then this is perfect.

It took some revisions, but I think we finished an initial plan for the Quilt Along. The schedule for finishing the quilt in December is below, it is never too late to join us over on flickr.


<a href="http://www.flickr.com/groups/2517508@N22"><img alt="GypsyWifeQAL" src="https://factotumofarts.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/gypsywifeqal.jpg" width="199" height="199" /></a>
Month Main Block Filler Blocks Total Blocks
January: Fabric Selection (Link-up next week)
February: Color Wheel (1) Pinwheel Blocks (6×4″) 7
March: Pershing (1) Pinwheel Blocks (1 x3″, 2×2.5″),
Square in Square with Pinwheel center (2),
Square in a Square (1×3″)
April: From the Heart (1) Courthouse Step (1×8″, 1×7″, 1×5″, 2×4″),
Square in a Square (1×3″)
May: Hope from Hartford (1) Hourglass Blocks (2×3″, 1×2″),Square in a Square (1×2.5″,1×3.5″, 1×3”) 7
June: Crazy Anne (1) Square in a Square (4×3″), Bordered Square in a Square (3×5”, 1×7” ) 9
July: Star Block (1) Square in a Square (5×4″), Bordered Square in a Square (1×6”) 7
August: Indian Hatchet (1) Square in a Square (8×3″), 9
September: Puss in the Corner (2) Square in a Square (7×3″), 9
October: Nurses Cross (1), Old Maid Puzzle (2) Square in a Square (5×4″), 8
November: HST Block (2) Square in a Square (1×3″), Square in a Square with Courthouse Steps (6) 9
December: Construction

Next Thursday, I will post a link-up, so we can share initial fabric choices each of us have. I think I have my initial fabrics selected.

Lastly, I have an extra Gypsy Wife Pattern up for grabs. Just leave a comment on what fabrics, fabric line or colors you would use to make the quilt. I will randomly choose a winner, next Thursday @ 6pm EST.


Linking up with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday. I did not realize how hard it is to plan a plan, so I am celebrating finishing up Part 1.

GIVE-AWAY CLOSED: Winner Announced here.

Gypsy Wife Quilt Along + Winner of Pillow Pop

Have you see the buzz around Gypsy Wife Pattern? Does this not look interesting and exciting?? Possibly a challenge or a great gift for next Christmas?


Intrepid Threads and Amitie Textiles are both offering BOM’s (Block of the Month) for this quilt. I really want to do this pattern but I did not want to do a BOM, where fabric is provided as part of the price. The reason, simply is, I have enough fabric and I would like to make my own Gypsy Wife blocks with my current stash.

Talking with Kristel @ Work in Progress Girl and Daisy @ Ants to Sugar, they were both:

  1. Interested in this pattern (and have it already)
  2. Interested in making and following a group of folks who are also interested in making it, so we can meet and experience it with others.

As we were talking, we thought it would be fun to do a Quilt Along (Gypsy Wife Quilt Along). Details are still being worked out but the general idea will be:

  1. Join in with us, on flickr – Gypsy Wife QAL. Grab a button, if you want for your blog (see below).
  2. Schedule will be posted at the end of this week. Expect it to have a feature block and a couple of filler blocks per month. First month for blocks would be February and the final blocks to finish up in December.
  3. Buy your pattern, and select your fabric, in January.
  4. A link-up will be provided each month, where you can link-up a post or pictures (i.e. Blog is not necessary).

I bought my pattern @ Westwood Acres on Saturday, and it arrived yesterday (Monday). I have added additional online shops that offer the pattern for purchasing, to a post, on Flickr.

I am also, looking into getting a couple of give aways for folks that link-up, during the year.  If you are interested in participating in the giveaway’s, please send me an email: ml_wilkie@hotmail.com.

Here’s the button you can use and I hope to see y’all over on Flickr.


<a href="http://www.flickr.com/groups/2517508@N22"><img alt="GypsyWifeQAL" src="https://factotumofarts.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/gypsywifeqal.jpg" width="199" height="199" /></a>

Lastly, the winner of the Book Review Tuesday – Pillow Pop is:

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 6.11.01 PM

and #5 was Carol B. I will be sending you an email for your mailing address. Congratulations!!