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August QDAD

The set of designs, for this month, are all so different. I was inspired by folks like Clare Rojas, Lucienne Day, and Sherri Lynn Wood.  I really enjoyed the designs exploring improv. using various shapes (squares, triangles, stripes, and curves) from the 8th – 11th August. These designs were definitely my favorite of the month so far.

As the sparks (inspiration photo is not mine) don’t forget to check out the facebook page for the photos.

02 August: Coastal Village

The coastal village on the hillside spark had areas of color. I used these blobs of color in my design. I was also inspired by Clare Rojas work for this design.

06 August: Dragon Boats

A line of dragon boats inspired this simplified design. The lines end at various lengths based on the angle of the line of boats.


07 August: Flowers
These colors reminded me of Lucienne Day and inspired me to play elements that were in one of her designs where she breaks areas into angles and using solid shapes and lines. Here is my individual block but the repeats are endless and make unique patterns.


The first one is a more regular pattern just using an inverse repeat but my favorite is the second design which randomly places the block at different rotations.QDAD_07August2015(1)        QDAD_07August2015(2)

08 August: Gridded Wire Frame

The gridded wire frame that was in the spark for this day, let me experiment with varying square designs that I had been collecting from various building facades.


09 August: Car Show

Based on the squares the day before, and the inspiration I had experienced with Sherri Lynn Wood’s class, I decided I wanted to play with improv. only using triangles. I broke the areas into rows and sections and designed a piece at a time. This was the final design.


10 August: Casino Lights

The spark definitely had three distinct areas, the two sides and the foyer. Still in the mood, for improv, I used those sections to introduce improv design elements of triangles and lines. The foyer section in the design represented by the full columns. I was surprised with the color palette of this spark, I really enjoyed it and definitely would not put these colors together naturally.


11 August: San Diego Strip

In the spark, there were these unique curved lampposts in between the trees. These lamp posts and trees are represented by the left side of the design…playing with improv triangles and curves. Th right side with the more structural lines represent the building structures in the spark.


12 August: Boardwalk Pier, San Diego

I was inspired by a blind and its reflection on the wall for this design. I do like the angles and the variations of the line widths in the design, though I would use a different color palette if I made this up.


Please Note: If you would like to make or use one of my designs, please email me (ml_wilkie(at)hotmail(dot)com) or leave a comment below. I am happy to talk with you on options and provide the relevant measurements etc. or have you test out a pattern. Also, if you use one of my designs, please use the following text to credit me the design: “Designed by Michelle Wilkie @ Factotum of Arts”.