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Organizing my sewing room

I have slowly been revamping my sewing space and upgrading it over time. One of the bigger remaining areas that bugged me was how I organized my upcoming projects. I had one basket and all projects (well the materials) stacked in that basket. So, I had been looking for a while for some way to organize my sewing projects. I was thinking about some kind of shelving + bin mechanism but in keeping with the rest of my sewing room.

I have fixed my problem and I love it. I bought a basket wall hanger from PBTeen last week, which was 20% off + free shipping (yippee!!). It arrived yesterday and installed it last night.

Projects from left to right: Pouches/pencil cases , Chair Bags/Pockets + Christmas Stocking, the last two bins are the Cross Quilt (with low volumes+Kaffe Fassett fabric)

ProjectStorage_1Larger view of my storage with scrap bins, zippers, books, linens.

View from the other side, with my sewing table (well chair) in the background (all ready for our cleaners to com.

The basket I was using for my projects came in handy, as I used it to pack my projects for our vacation which starts today….all ready to leave to Charleston. IMG_7896