Recycling wine corks – Cork Boards

I got into making cork boards about 15 years ago. I saw this amazing framed wine cork board in a home goods store, but it was so far out of my price range (like $200-300). I went home and wondered how I could make the same thing for next to nothing.

I made some mistakes along the way, for example very stiff cardboard is not enough for a backing to glue on corks – yes, it buckles from all the glue. Second, you need a lot of friends that drink wine 😉 that was the only way I was collecting corks.

Today, what I do is use a backing board of some kind – similar to what you would use for backing furniture. I collect corks still, but I also go to my favorite cafe/wine bar who give me the corks for free!!! I also ordered used corks online – you can get them by the box….I mix the used with wine stains and the used from online to balance out the look.

NOTE: The used corks from online means they have been printed but not with the wine stains.

Also I switched from a craft knife (scalpel) to an electric knife – saves me from slicing my finger off….btw was a common occurrence (at least once per board).

NOTE: Using an electric knife, you will need to take breaks as the knife will heat up and you don’t want to start a fire.

Finally, I just use wood glue to glue the corks on the board.

Here are two of the designs I do:The first, is more of a fun design – a circle using corks from the top/bottom, these allowed me to use the hundreds of champagne corks that I had, as they don’t work for design #2.I use a piece of string and a drawing pin (tack) to draw the circle on the backing board, and then my lovely husbands uses the sharp object to cut out the circle. Painting it some cool color and once it dries, I get into cutting the corks and glueing the corks on the board. Below are pictures of the first one I made, which my Mum received for Christmas.
Circular Cork Boards

This is a more formal looking cork board. It is framed – which, I either use second-hand frames or I make them and paint/stain them. The corks for this style are cut length-wise. I place the corks in various designs – no two are alike. Below is a picture of my cork board and matching blackboard (we use for a meal planner) that are in my kitchen.

Cork and Chalk Boards

One of my favorite things about this cork board, I was able to incorporate a wine cork of a reserve wine my brother gave us for our wedding gift….I wrote the date of our wedding on it and now its a memory we have forever.

green tri2

3 thoughts on “Recycling wine corks – Cork Boards

  1. Roxanlita

    the length-wise cork board looks so nice. I have seen stuff like it in not as good condition for $300. and the round one looks really fun. It would look really good in a play room or outdoors i think. *thumbs up*

  2. Karen

    I still have corks from our wedding and our boys christening, what a great idea! Thanks for linking this project to the Challenge :o)


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