More quilt projects, work in progress

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

So being work in process Wednesday, I have a lot of things started. Apparently, I still have more in me even after the craft fair last week.

I am in the process making the family Christmas Stockings based on their fabric choices.

Son’s Christmas Stocking (Complete)

Husband’s Stocking Top

An update on the 4 Season’s Quilt – Summer is now complete, the dandelions even change from yellow (Spring) to white seed’s (Summer). Only panel to go now is Fall.
ThreeOfFourSeasonsQuilt SpringDandelionsWhiteDandelions

Another project that is a custom order – Gift card holders that can be reused as Credit card holder. A quick update at 11:30 pm on Wednesday – I finished the order!!! Here are all three.

14 thoughts on “More quilt projects, work in progress

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thank you, my only warning is to try a smaller area….the 250 buttons needed per panel is a little bit of an effort (worth it but lots of work) 🙂

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thank you. I am pleased how they turned out. My 5 year old is very sweet and carrying it around with him (even when we go out). It’s nice to have him proud of something I made.

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  2. Mandy

    Doing a great job! The stockings looking good! I’d like red & aqua please! lol
    Love the dandelion fluff too! So cute! Nice with the beads on the ends. Very clever!

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