First-time: Free motion quilting (FMQ)

One of my favorite things, is when you buy fabric and in the package the fabric store include  those little treats. I have been sent 4 mini charm packs lately. I wanted to try and use them as I was inspired by Amanda Jean @ crazy mom quilts square pillow she had in this blog.

I put 3 of the mini charm packs into a bag and then randomly select them and sewed them in strips and the final result was this cushion top:


The squares are not aligned perfectly but for the first time using them I think it still looks cute.

I quilted this with flowers. It was my first time doing free motion quilting (FMQ). I was thinking doing a dogwood pattern, which is kind of represented below but after the first one, I decided that I should just go with it and see where it takes me – perfection was not the goal 🙂

I do think its a pretty good job since I have never tried it before. I like that the flower petals are all different and it has the little centers. Here are a couple of photos:IMG_7189 IMG_7191

Material used:
1 mini charm pack – Ticklish, Me & my sisters designs fro Moda
1 mini Charm pack – Happy go lucky, Bonnie @ Camille for Moda
1 mini charm pack – Posy, Aneela Hoey for Moda.

What are your favorite FQM patterns – I would love to add some to my pinterest site as a reference :-)….so leave a comment and let me know. Hope you all have a good weekend, I am linking up with AmandaJean @Crazy Mom quilts for finish it up Friday.

19 thoughts on “First-time: Free motion quilting (FMQ)

  1. Laura C

    Holy cow! Your FMQ looks amazing. I am more than a little jealous. 🙂 You’re a natural! Love the postage stamp look, it’ll be a lovely pillow.

  2. a little bird made me

    It looks great! Although you say that the squares are perfectly aligned it certainly doesn’t look like it is at all misaligned. I think we are often the harshest judges of our work as we are so intimately involved in each seam – when you step back and look at the whole the individual seams disappear and the whole is gorgeous. I love the free motion quilting too – and the Posy fabric is one of my current favourites.

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thank you, you are right…the best reward was my 5 year old son wants one now too. So I am working on that tonight :-). I am not so much into flowery things but I was actually impressed with these three mini charm packs and like how bright it turned out. I even ordered 3 more charm packs.

  3. 8B Creative

    Looks great! I am too a newbie to patchwork and quilting. I too have the Posy, Aneela Hoey for Moda charm pack. You have convinced me that quilting will to be my next project! 🙂

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thank you so much, I found that if you try to go slow and cautious it was actually harder to do…a medium steady pace was best….just in case you try. I just went into it not expecting anything 🙂

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