Menu Plan {25.05.2013}


It is Memorial Day weekend, and boy I was hanging out for this 3 day weekend. We just finished the first day at the beach with friends. The weather is perfect, the boys had so much fun, and I got to spend some time on making hexagons out of a bag of scraps (since my sewing machine is at home….we are only away for two days).

Here is our meal plan for the rest of the week:

Saturday Fruit salad + scrambled egg + english muffin Grilled fish + Grilled Vegetables (BBQ)
Sunday Rhubarb+Apples Compote + Granola+yoghurt Grill meat + Spinach Salad
Monday English Muffin + Banana + Almond Butter Meatball + Spinach Pasta Bake
Tuesday Rhubarb+Apples Compote + Granola+yoghurt Omelet
Wednesday Bircher Muesli zPizza
Thursday Bircher Muesli Mexican Chicken Stack
Friday Berry + Banana + Spirulina Smoothie Sandwiches

We are usually spending ~$70 a week for our meals. Here is this weeks shopping list:

  • Watermelon (TJ)
  • Bell Pepper (TJ)
  • Tomatoes (TJ)
  • Chili Beans (TT)
  • Frozen Corn (TJ)
  • Grated Cheese (TT)
  • Spinach (from the garden)
  • Broccoli (from the garden)
  • Ground Beef (TJ)
  • Onions (TJ)
  • Eggs (TJ)
  • Gluten Free Pasta (TT)
  • Oats (BJ)
  • Sultanas (TT)
  • Rhubarb (LF)
  • Granny Smith Apples (LF)
  • Mushrooms (TJ)
  • English Muffins (LF)
  • Soy Milk (TJ)
  • Cereal (BJ)
  • Chicken (BJ)
  • GF Lasagna sheets (WF)
  • Canned tomatoes (BJ)

NOTE: We shop majority at Trader Joe’s (TJ), Target (TT) with an occasional visit to Whole foods (WF), BJ’s , Harris Teeters (HT), Lowes Food (LF) and Fresh Market (FM).
NOTE: We do not typically use coupons mainly due to time.

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