Fabric Stash {01.07.2013}: Thimble Pleasures Quilt Shop

After visiting New York where I visited a couple of quilt shops, I decided I needed to come home and visit my local quilt shop. Thimble Pleasures is my local quilt shop, it is in Chapel Hill North Carolina. It has an amazing selection, that I feel was better than the New York stores.

I was not looking for anything in particular but I did I pick up some fun prints:


1) Prosperity Hens (Yellow) – Locally Grown by Marissa and Creative Thursday, Andover Fabrics
2) Sheep Parade – Locally Grown by Marissa and Creative Thursday, Andover Fabrics
3) Little Apples White Clothes by Aneela Hoey
4) Posy, Story by Aneela Hoey for Moda

And some more graphic/color based prints:IMG_7798

1) Parsons Gray, Seven Wonders, Clouds
2) Bloom Modern by Jason Yenter from In The Beginning Fabrics
3) Sketch,  Crosshatch in Turquoise by Timeless Treasures Fabrics
4) Madrona Road, Haystack in Tangerine by Violet Craft for Michael Miller
5)  Bloom Modern by Jason Yenter from In The Beginning Fabrics

Next week, I will be showing you my latest purchase from Fabricworm…hint, hint 😉 I was building my yellow stash:mosaic22948190c340fe8083b0eb8268015359889500a3

Linking up with Fiona @ Finding Fifth for Sunday Stash.

10 thoughts on “Fabric Stash {01.07.2013}: Thimble Pleasures Quilt Shop

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      I know and its hard to get the right yellow….a lot of mustard or lemon but not so much bright yellow. I am hoping the fabrics in real life have some bright yellows too 🙂

      1. clumsykristel

        Yeah, I think I’ve probably got mostly mustard and lemony shades too. I bought a FQ bundle of yellows from Fabricworm a while ago to top up my paltry pile of yellows and that’s mostly what they’d sent. (Not that there weren’t great prints, just somehow not the hues I was hoping for, exactly.)

  1. ange@heartofcharnwood

    Hmm, you LQS is great, mine is a bit rubbish, not much in the way of fun prints, loving the selections you made. And the yellow stash building, wow, it’s one of the colours I need to build in my stash too, good work! :o)


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