Weekend Finishes {12.08.2013}

Have you ever had one of those weekends when you have these lofty plans and ideas of what you will get finished….and you just never quite get there? Yes, that was my weekend.

I had lofty plans to complete:

  • A couple of blocks (2 paper pieced blocks)
  • 6 chair bags
  • Finish 1 kiwi pillow
  • Start 2 pillows/ cushions
  • Attend a sew-in for my MQG monthly meeting

What did I get done (besides the washing and grocery shopping)??

Finished the Little Scrappy Kiwi Pillow 
See this post on materials used, the paper piecing design is by Juliet @ Tartan Kiwi.

Backing: Kona Red cotton, and Diamonds in Red, Textured Basics, designed by Patty Young for Michael Miller. Invisible zip used as the pillow closing.KiwiPillow_Back

Sold on Etsy today – all ready to ship tomorrow.

Finished 2nd set of Chair Bags
Main Pocket: Custom Balloon print “Up, Up and Away” designed by Tamara Serrao and available from Spoonflower.com (printed on Kona Cotton). It is lined with Robert Kaufman Orange corduroy.

Middle Pocket: Is divided into two pockets, and made with Robin Zingone, Flirty Flowers Pink Tonal Dots quilting fabric topped with pink binding.

Back: is made with Robert Kaufman Orange corduroy.

Ok, can someone chime in – how do you photograph neon colors? Yes, that Orange corduroy is neon orange. The photos were taken in natural light – I tried playing around with them a bit but this is the best I could get the corduroy to look. Maybe, this is what I will master for Beth @ Plum and June’s Quilt Photography Workshop challenge this month.

Plum and June

The chair bags/ chair pockets are now available on my Etsy store.


So that was it…a long way from my plan but not too bad, at least I had some finishes. Right?

Actually, thinking about it now, my whole last week was like that, never seeming to keep up with the plan. The best thing about last week though, is I caught up on posting all the items I needed to on Thursday. Those folks expecting things from me, should be receiving them this week (unless you are international).

I will be linking up with Janice @ Better off thread for Sew Cute Tuesday.

Better Off Thread


26 thoughts on “Weekend Finishes {12.08.2013}

  1. Marie

    Just love your pillow. It is fabulous. I know what it feels like to have great ideals about finishes. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing!

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      I will investigate, I just played with the contrast and it worked some – I will keep working on it and see what I come up with for the end of the month 🙂

      1. Laura C

        I did like them! Some Joel Dewberry herringbone? The whole block you did a great job with, but those little intricate feet really struck me!

      2. mlwilkie Post author

        The feet actually weren’t to bad, I suppose that is why folks paper piece 🙂

        The brown fabrics were:
        Les Amis – Tan Faux Bois, Les Amis – Brown Star pods, Les Amis – Interwine Brown, Brown polka dots I think is a Joann’s fabric, Brown Pearl Bracelets. One more I can’t see, I also, had Riley Blake’s Brown on Brown Chervon.

      3. Laura C

        I think I saw it at intrepid thread. I am trying (it is SO HARD) not to buy ANYTHING until Koi and Tule, which will be budget busters, but if I see this faux bois around too… Things have a way of sneaking into one’s cart, as you know. 😉

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