The Iconic Kiwi + “Little Kiwi” Pillow

New Zealand, where I am from, is very well-know, of course, for the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, the scenery and its nature. New Zealand has one of the largest native bird populations in the world. The most famous of which is the Kiwi (which for those that don’t know we refer to ourselves as kiwis,  it’s after the bird not the fruit 🙂 ). They are a flightless bird and represented through New Zealand culture:

  • Used to be the character that said Goodnight when the tv channels ended (1981-1994 before Tv went 24 hours)
  • Used in the popular Kids books – The little Kiwi
  • As the image for “Buying NZ made” products
  • On our coins
    101416355_-com-1950-new-zealand-one-florin-coin---kiwi-bird- images-1 images-2
  • A mascot for the Commonwealth Games
  • Represented in the symbol for the Royal New Zealand Airforce

The list goes on, obviously we love the little guys. What do you remember as a iconic symbol of your country and childhood???

Why did I cover the significance of a kiwi you might be asking….Well, Juliet over at Tartan Kiwi has had a paper piecing pattern for a kiwi, which I used before in this cushion/pillow and loved!!!

Well, she is expanding that pattern to do a complete line of New Zealand Native Birds….I am so excited and delighted. She revamped her Kiwi Paper piecing Pattern, and I decided to give it another go, using colors a friend requested.

Finished Kiwi Paper Pieced BlockKiwi_RedBrown_CloseUp

Little Kiwi Pillow TopKiwi_RedBrown

Her other paper piecing patterns for New Zealand Birds are available on Craftsy and include:

  • Kiwi (free pattern)
  • Pukeko (free pattern)
  • Kea (soon to be available)
  • Fantail (soon to be available)

Over the next week, I am going to give a couple more a go and I will post the finished blocks. These are so much fun and definitely helps grow and improv your paper-piecing skills….I have loved them. Hope you give them a go.

Linking up with Fresh Sewing Day hosted over @ Lily’s Quilts and Paper Piecing Party over @ Quiet Play.

Lily's Quilts Paper Piecing Party

20 thoughts on “The Iconic Kiwi + “Little Kiwi” Pillow

  1. Abby W

    love your kiwi’s. Can’t wait to see the other patterns by TartanKiwi, I already downloaded the Pukeko. Now I just need to find time to do them up.

  2. Eliza

    I haven’t tried paper piecing yet, it scares me – yours is fantastic and inspiring; thankyou for sharing.. I will have a go at some point – deep breath

  3. theoriginalthread

    Looks gorgeous! You have done a great job and I love the fact there will be other NZ native birds. I should give it a try one day although I have never attempted anything like this!

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      You should. I love these patterns….I would say intermediate but then again it was my first one too 🙂 I haven’t started anything for Christmas yet but I have bought a whole lot of new fabric for making some pillows and chair bags to focus on my store a bit.

  4. Camilla

    Oh the Goodnight Kiwi! The childhood treat, being allowed to stay up to watch it! Thanks for showcasing this great pattern. Would make a great gift for overseas people. You’re making me homesick. Lucky I’m coming home (from Australia) next year!

  5. Tartankiwi

    I love your scrappy kiwis! Can’t wait to see what you do with my other patterns (I just finished a tui and a kereru last night if you want to test some more!)

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