WiP Wednesday: New quilt/block and Sewing room ideas

It’s another one of those weeks where ideas are coming fast and furious but I have no time to finish anything. The best I can do is just take one project at a time. Here’s what I am working on this week and a couple of ideas I am hoping to implement….Let me know what you think about the ideas below.

Paper Piecing block/New Quilt
I have started a new paper piecing block which I am testing for Juliet @ Tartankiwi. It is another New Zealand bird and this is the 3rd for this series I have made….I have decided to take Laura’s suggestion and make a quilt from the blocks. The first piece is complete.IMG_8555

Chair Bags
I have 3 orders to make this weekend. One is in a similar color palate to this one but with dark purple corduroy.

The other two are for older boys (5 & 7) using this fabric as a main pocket….I love this fabric it is a science experiment.

Ideas for my sewing room
I came up with two new things in my sewing room space…..first off, I added a cork board which I made. I will hang it on the wall over the weekend, but it is right beside my sewing machine and it has a list of my to-do projects for the month. Β I can get the satisfaction of crossing things off as I go πŸ™‚IMG_8556

Secondly, I really want a bigger space for my design boards. Right now, I have a make shift one which I can move and put away whenever I like. Problem is it’s not really big enough. I have been struggling with, what to do about a design wall, as I have no straight walls really….then it struck me last night (this is when all my best ideas come :-))…..why not put a sliding/hanging door from my ceiling that I can frame/cover in flannel. Β I am thinking about something similar Β these doors in the photos:

I am thinking I can put it in front of the bookcase in the picture below and when I need to use it I can pull it out. The whole door would move back and forward on a track. That would give me a decent sized floor to ceiling design wall. What do you think???


Linking up with Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday.

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16 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday: New quilt/block and Sewing room ideas

  1. Laura C

    Oh yay! I love a whole paper- pieced quilt, and you’re doing such a great job with these birds that I think they deserve to be an heirloom quilt. I would die for the sliding design wall you’re envisioning! I think it would be amazing, what a great idea. I look forward to seeing it take shape.

  2. Ashley

    such an adorable board – love that idea! of course, i’m terrible at crossing things off – i just like adding stuff! hahaha. I can’t wait to see what you do for a design wall! I just need a larger room. That would be so nice.

  3. Deborah Gunthorpe

    oh wow – I love love love that science experiment fabric. Can you share what it is? Love your board too – a great idea πŸ™‚

  4. Serena @ Sewgiving

    Good idea for a design wall – I love a bit of lateral thinking! The paper piecing looks like it’s coming along nicely. I’ve been doing a PP bird pattern too – but the pieces don’t look as small as yours πŸ™‚

  5. snips

    Can’t wait to see your bird! And i’m making a sliding door for our bedroom, i had that same yellow door as inspiration! Love the idea of using it as a design wall πŸ™‚

  6. Hildy Schwarz

    The hanging door is a great idea. I also have limited wall space. All my walls have dormers, but covering a bookcase is a idea I am going to think about. Also, might keep my cats from jumping onto the shelves

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