Sunday Stash: More Spoonflower fabrics

I have always had a love for the work of the independent designers over at Spoonflower. The fabrics are always unique and are well printed on Kona Cotton (my selection).

This week I picked up some new fabric in which I want to make pillows from. I love the reds and the grunge look of the print. The designer is Holli Zollinger, collection Coral Summer.

I have already started using this math fabric in my blocks as a low-volume print. I love this fabric and representation of my STEM background. The designer is Berene Campbell, collection Text Fabrics.SundayStash_Spoonflower_Math

Which is your favorite fabric or designer @

Linking up with Fiona @ Finding Fifth for Sunday Stash.

Also, don’t forget to stop by tomorrow as I will be giving away a handmade item and a craft supply object for SewMamaSew Giveaway day.

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: More Spoonflower fabrics

  1. Joanna

    I’ve been tempted to get some fabrics from Spoonflower; particularly fandom related prints… my husband loves Doctor Who so I would like to get some prints of that to make him something because I’m sure he’d appreciate it and I have seen quite a few good ones (though some I don’t understand if they have any significance since I don’t watch the show myself haha!). I’ve seen conflicting reviews about Spoonflowers delivery times internationally, which puts me off from ordering. A couple of comments I’ve seen say they have local printers within Australia and it took less than a week to receive the order, but I’ve seen other people complain that it’s taken almost 8 weeks for them to receive anything!

    I do look at the site often though. I am loving that maths text print *drool*

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Australia and New Zealand are the largest number of orders from an international country. In the US I expect to get my fabric within 15 business days as they print the fabric once the order is processed. I could image with international shipping you would have to add at least 2 weeks to that timeframe.

      They have made updates to their users webpages and you can now see where your prints are in the process which is nice to see.

      I love them – but I am also local to them and get to stop in every so often and see how things work. The people are lovely and customer service is high.

  2. clumsykristel

    The only stuff I’ve bought from Spoonflower was a pillow panel from Laurie Wisbrun – I haven’t used it yet though! I do always wonder how the printing holds up to washing and use.

      1. clumsykristel

        I haven’t! I’ve never used them – I don’t want to get them dirty so I kind of just… display them in my kitchen, but they’re for looking only right now 😀

  3. Leanne M

    I love all of the fabrics you have showcased in this post. I’m glad you are joining in the Giveaway Day, I think it was how I discovered your lovely blog.

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  5. daisyaschehoug

    I LOVE those elephants. I don’t know if I’ll get around to shopping for them, but if I place an order, they’ll definitely be on it. My sister has a thing for elephants, and I need to make something for her for a February birthday.


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