Wintery WiP Wednesday

I am hoping this is my last work in progress post on my Riley Blake Challenge quilt. I am still on target to get this done by Monday. I have one more block for the front to do – dusk, and one block for the back.

These are my blocks so far….remember this is my quilt that represents the various colors of the sun during a day. This is therefore called “A Fine Day“.
Bottom-left: Sunrise; Top-left: Midday; Top-right: Sunset.

The only thing that will stop me from finishing… the weather (picture is the first 20 mins of weather that just came in). North Carolina has issued a state of emergency due to snow and ice. We are expecting power outages, so no power = no sewing, no blogging. I could be hand quilting to get it done by Monday.

Linking up with  Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday.

24 thoughts on “Wintery WiP Wednesday

  1. Renee

    They look awesome so far! Definitely my favorite of the challenge pieces I’ve seen so far. Hope you have a weekend with power so you can finish them up!

  2. daisyaschehoug

    Yahooo!!! It’s snowing like crazy across town at our house. I bet you guys have tons more snow now. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you keep your power; I want to see the conclusion of the Riley Blake saga. Stay warm, my friend!

  3. madfabriholic

    Fingers crossed that you get to keep your power. The only thing I like about big winter storms is an excuse to stay in and sew… what a bummer if you didn’t even get that out of it! Stay warm and safe, and good luck on your big finish!

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