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“A Fine Day” : Entry to Bloggers Quilt Festival

The talented Amy @ Amy’s Creative Side,  always puts a well-organized online quilt festival this time of year. I am entering a couple of quilts!!



The first one is my MQG Riley Blake Challenge quilt “A Fine Day”. It is an original design that was inspired by the color of the prints that were provided in the challenge. It reminded me of the colors of the sun throughout a fine day.

Sunrise (bottom left), Midday (top left), Sunset (top right) and Dusk (bottom right).

AFineDay_hangingWhile each block was planned, I used improv piecing to break up the colors and prints. Each of the blocks, has matching binding to frame it appropriately…which is one of my favorite things about the quilt.

For the quilting, I used invisible thread on top, since the colors varied so much. I tried my hand at circular quilting for the first time, trying to keep the sun theme in the quilting.  I loved the circular quilting.


One last picture for the quilting on the top:

Dimensions of this quilt is: 30 ” x 34 ”

Be sure to stop by and see the other quilt which I hope you enjoy ….this one is being entered in the modern quilt category.


It’s “A Fine Day”

Can you believe it? I actually finished the Riley Blake Challenge on time with my depiction of “A Fine Day” and it’s submitted. I decided to try a multi-piece binding, so I could keep the colors focused. To get the binding to match up to each block:

  • I used the darkest solid in each block for the binding.
  • I sewed each piece onto the front, leaving 2 inches from the block end.
  • I marked the edge on the binding + a 1/4 inch mark, then sewed the pieces together and trimmed.
  • For the last two pieces, I marked both pieces and matched up the lines and sewed the seam,  and trimmed.

AFineDay_hanging Bottom left: Sunrise, Top Left: Midday, Top Right: Sunset, Bottom Right: Dusk

Name: A Fine Day
Size: 34 x 30 Inches
Material: Riley Blake Prints + Kona Solids (Torch, Stratosphere, Royal, Navy for the binding)
Design: by me…inspired by the color of the sun
Technique: Improvisational piecing, Circular Quilting, Multi-piece binding

For the quilting, I wanted something that depicted the sun. I used a star like – straight line quilting in the middle circle, then used radiating circles for the rest of the quilt. This was my first time sewing circles – which aren’t perfect but I still think they turned out great. (PS. I think I need a better sewing machine to do the quilting on, instead of my light weight $150 Brother….I hinted this to the hubby at breakfast…maybe for Mothers day or birthday ;-)).


For the 1 inch radiating lines, I used my walking foot with the guide. I could not work out a color that would work across all blocks so I used invisible thread on the top, white on the back. Here is one last photo to show the binding and quilting. AFineDay_QuiltingBacking

Lastly, here are the links to the posts documenting my whole process for the Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake Challenge Quilt:

Design idea
Fabric Selection
Sunrise Block
Sunrise + Midday Blocks
Sunrise + Midday+ Sunset Blocks
Quilt top completion

Linking up with Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts for Sew Cute Tuesday and Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts for Let’s bee Social. This is also one of my Quarter Goals and linking to:

Finish line in sight

I made great progress yesterday, during the snow day on my Riley Blake Challenge quilt. We were one of the lucky ones, not to lose power during the snow/ice storm we had in North Carolina.

“A fine day” quilt top is done!!! Cheers and celebrations, as I did not enjoy having a deadline that is for sure.

I changed my original design, as I loved the rectangular improvisational blocks and did not want to take away from them. I have just started using Instagram (ml_wilkie), and loved it as a process/feedback tool during making this quilt. Thank you to all those who offered advice for block color choices and the sashing aspects (or no sashing as it turns out).

Bottom left: Sunrise, Top Left: Midday, Top Right: Sunset, Bottom Right: Dusk

I was so excited to get snow photos too, however we get so much sun in our yard, so it was hard to avoid shadows. In the end, I hope this one in the shadows (indirect light) works.


Here are the links, to my other posts, if you are interested in the progress of this quilt:
Design idea
Fabric Selection
Sunrise Block
Sunrise + Midday Blocks
Sunrise + Midday+ Sunset Blocks

I am trying out spray basting, so this is already basted. Now, onto the quilting and binding!! Linking up with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom quilts for Finish it Friday + TGIFF which is being hosted by MR @ Quilt Matters, this week.

Wintery WiP Wednesday

I am hoping this is my last work in progress post on my Riley Blake Challenge quilt. I am still on target to get this done by Monday. I have one more block for the front to do – dusk, and one block for the back.

These are my blocks so far….remember this is my quilt that represents the various colors of the sun during a day. This is therefore called “A Fine Day“.
Bottom-left: Sunrise; Top-left: Midday; Top-right: Sunset.

The only thing that will stop me from finishing…..is the weather (picture is the first 20 mins of weather that just came in). North Carolina has issued a state of emergency due to snow and ice. We are expecting power outages, so no power = no sewing, no blogging. I could be hand quilting to get it done by Monday.

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How are my goals tracking???

First month of 2014 is over, and to be honest it was a little difficult to keep up with my goals, mostly due to the flu and bronchitis I had over the first two weeks of the month. Now that all is better, I am happy with what I accomplished in the shortened month.

This was the goals/plan for January:


  • [UNDERWAY – 2 of 4 blocks complete] Riley Blake Challenge Quilt (Fabric Purchased, Kona White needed) GOAL for A LOVELY YEAR OF FINISHES FOR FEBRUARY

  • [COMPLETE] Scrap-bee-licious Bee Blocks (Use Stash)
  • [COMPLETE] Stash Bee Blocks (Use Stash)
  • [COMPLETE] Pillow Pop QAL (threadbias) (Use Stash)
  • [COMPLETE] Projects for Book Review Tuesday (Use Stash)

For February, I need to revise my goals slightly. I think I can finish two lap –> full size quits per quarter….I think one per month may have been slightly optimistic. So here is the revised plan:

Old Plan New Plan
  •  X & + Quilt
    (Fabric Purchased,
    including backing)
  • Scrap-bee-licious Bee Blocks
    (Use Stash)
  • Stash Bee Blocks
    (Use Stash)
  • Pillow Pop QAL (threadbias)
    (Use Stash)
  • Publish Tapa Cloth Stars Paper Piecing Pattern
  • Border & Lines Project Check-in
  • Finish Riley Blake Challenge Quilt!!
    (carry over from last month)
  • Gypsy Wife QAL blocks
    (Fabric Purchased)
  • Scrap-bee-licious Bee Blocks
    (Use Stash)
  • Stash Bee Blocks
    (Use Stash)
  • Pillow Pop QAL (threadbias)
    (Use Stash)
  • Book Review Tuesday Project
    (Use Stash)
  • Publish Tapa Cloth Stars Paper Piecing Pattern
    (Use Stash)
  • X & + Quilt (at least 20 blocks)
    (Fabric Purchased,
    including backing)

Linking up with Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday (see button on right menu); and for my February goal – “A Lovely Year of Finishes” (button on right menu).

Friday wrap up

I definitely needed that snow day on Wednesday….I finally started catching up from being sick the first two weeks of January. Here I was thinking my goals were already so behind.

This week, I finished up:

  1. Pot holders (late Christmas Gift – also see giveaway)
  2. Feather blocks for Scrap-bee-licious
  3. Hive #3 January Stash Bee
    Hive3_Jan_StashBee_FinishedFabrics used were:
    Black: Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater for Moda
    Mustard: Timeless Treasures, Woodstock, Stitched Swirl Gold
    Yellow Paisley: Jacqueline Savage McFee, Grey Matters, Paisley Sunshine
    Grey: Leanne Hatch, Tri (Grey) – Spoonflower Designer
  4. Riley Blake Challenge Block 1 Complete

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WiP Wednesday: What’s on your design wall??

What is on your design wall at the moment?? I love seeing other people’s design walls – have you noticed they  always looks so colorful.

If you have a photo/post, leave a link below in the comments, or post it on Instagram with a tag @ml_wilkie (that’s me…. I can see it :-)).

Here is my design wall, with all my WiPs. Unfortunately, this has not changed too much, the whole month.

WiPWall_29JANLeft Board: X & + Blocks (Goal Date: Feb); Middle Board: Riley Blake Challenge – Block 1 of 4 (top left, goal date Jan….Feb17th ultimately), January Stash Bee Block (Top Right), Tapa Star Pillow+ Pattern (Goal date: Feb); Right Board: Pillow Denyse Schmidt Fabric, for Pillow PopQAL. 

It is a snow day, here in Cary North Carolina (first one, YAY!!). My focus is to finish of the Hive #3 Stash Bee Block today, and get it in the mail by 3pm. I have procrastinated over this block for long enough :-). I just have to sew all the pieces together now.

Hopefully, I can also get in some time to finish the first two Riley Blake Challenge Blocks. I don’t think I will meet my “A lovely year of finishes” goal of have that quilt finished. But, maybe, by the end of this weekend I can have the top finished??

A quick update, for the Gypsy Wife Quilt Along there is still time to join (click on the link for details)….Most importantly, patterns are again stocked and available @ Westwood acres, (9 available) and Modern Quilter (23 available).

Linking up with Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday (see button on right menu).