Book Review Tuesday: ???

Mystery Book
This week, how about a little game , a mystery book?? A completely different approach, I know,  but I hope you will have fun.  Here’s how we will play….below are 10 clues, take a guess of what the book is, by leaving a comment. If you are a follower, leave a second comment.

Next week, I will review the book, and I will randomly select a winner who will win a hard copy of the book (your answer does not have to be correct just give it a go).

1. A quilting reference book
2. For varying skill levels, beginners to advanced quilters
3. Good techniques section from cutting, appliqué, EPP techniques, quilting
4. Designs include classic, modern, contemporary
5. Includes several variations of a single design
6. Each chapter has at least one project
7. Machine sewing required
8. Flying geese, ohio star, amish square, electric fan, pictures in the stairwell
9. A great travel companion
10. Blocks, blocks and more blocks

62 thoughts on “Book Review Tuesday: ???

  1. Jeulze

    15. Again, I found your blog through Bloglovin. Thoroughly enjoying it and your quilting style. Games are always fun too!

  2. Gunilla

    18. After reading and re-reading the clues, my guess is also 500 quilt blocks. I love the small size, the fabric they used for each project, and that they give variations for each block. A really great book!!!


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