Kaleidoscope of Butterflies + Oopsy-daisy

Did you know that multiples of butterflies are called by numerous names? Some of those include swarm, rabble and my favorites a flight or a kaleidoscope of butterflies. So for my work in progress, the butterfly baby quilt, the name has been decided… “Kaleidoscope of Butterflies”.

I have definitely made progress this week on the butterflies and almost have 3 finished. The large 10″ teal and pink butterfly, I am very happy with….even snuck in there some Botanics (a favorite line).

The 8″ Orange and Pink Butterfly is almost there and sneaking in some Safari Moon fabric (another favorite line).

Here is an overview of all three…….and I decided I am adding 1 more 5″ butterfly to balance the Orange and Pinks.

Don’t forget to check out last week’s post for the Juliet’s butterfly paper-piecing patterns.

Now, to my oopsy-daisy. Remember my sewing room additions for Ikea storage shelves, seen here:

Well, the other night I heard a huge crash…thinking it was the boys (the hubby and son) I rushed outside…but everything was fine. I was confused as I could not find the reason behind the crash. Well, later that night I found this and lots of broken glass:

That resulted in a complete reorganization of my space. This is how my room looked originally:
This is now my new space…the bookcase, project table (fabric storage) + sewing room:
Lounging space for design work and just relaxation:SewingRoom_Reorg1

….and the holes are temporarily fixed with a design wall:
Wall_TempFixThat is what is going on in my world of WiPs. Linking up with Lee over @ Freshly pieced for WiP Wednesday (see button the right).

12 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope of Butterflies + Oopsy-daisy

  1. June @ QuiltQuest

    Wow! How big is this room? It’s really coming together – even with the crash.

    Reminded me of the time we called the police as we heard a crash of glass late one night. We called 911, terrified and were told to stay in our bedroom (where we were calling from). They told us when the police arrived, they had flashlights and looked carefully all around the house. We could hear the dispatcher talking to the policemen. No broken anything. The police did find a couple in a car on the street houses away and asked them questions (but they were just chatting or making out). Relieved I went to the guest bathroom, flipped on the light only to discover that the light fixture had gotten tired of being up on the wall for more than 50 years and just jumped down in the sink!

    I enjoy reading about your projects and adventures!

    Best wishes!

  2. quiltingjetgirl

    Great temporary solution – and what a wonderful craft space you have! I am really enjoying the progress on the butterfly blocks. They are complimenting each other so nicely.

  3. Cornelia

    this butterfly quilt is so stunning, cant wait to see them all together on the top
    totally love your sewing room, and for the Ikea boards, i had this happen too, and I was glad it was not night, coz I found it in the babycrib, it completely ruined my wall too – right now they are okay, I try not to put too heavy stuff on them anymore

  4. Quilt Paradigm

    Those butterflies are absolutely beautifully stunning!! Your color choices are perfect!!

    Your sewing space is incredible!! I am officially thinking about doing a major overhaul after looking at your pictures! . . . oh my hubby is going to be mad at you! LOL

  5. Michelle Harrison

    Lovely butterflies! I They remind me of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. They are joyful! I am sorry about your shelves. Everyone is jealous of your space, but I am jealous of how neat your space is. Mine is ALWAYS a complete disaster. Right now I have felted wool drying on top over everything else and at least a half=dozen projects underneath everything. It makes me crazy but that is how I work. I tried to be a “big girl” when I retired, and clean up and become neat and orderly but it is just not in my nature!


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