Butterflies in my stomach

I have butterflies in my stomach….I am loving where the “Kaleidoscope of Butterflies” quilt has gone. Is it not totally satisfying when something in your head actually turns out how you image!!

Well, the quilt top is complete.

Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

Can I just say, I got to use some of my favorite lines in here too, which makes me so happy. For the butterflies there is a little of:

  • Safari Moon (Frances Newcombe),
  • Alchemy (Amy Butler),
  • Tsuru (Rashida Coleman)
  • Tiled Flowers (Kaffe Fassett),
  • Comma (Zen Chic),
  • Briar Rose (Heather Ross),
  • Notting Hill (Joel Dewberry)

For the scrappy low-volume background I have included:

  • Architextures, Botanics (Carolyn Friedlander)
  • Sun Print Text, Sun Print Corsage Clover Sunshine, (Alison Glass),
  • Les Amis (Patty Sloniger),
  • Mormor (Lotta Jansdotter),
  • Bluebird Park (Kate and Birdie),
  • Bark and Birch (Eloise Renouf)

The patterns for the butterflies are by Juliet @ Tartan Kiwi. Her patterns are so easy to follow, they are definitely a favorite of mine. You can find the two patterns on Craftsy, here are the links:

I think each of the butterflies deserve a close up.

Large 10″ Butterfly

Medium 8″ Butterfly8in_Butterfly

Small 5″ Butterflies5in_butterflies


The scrappy low-volume background was, definitely, what was in my head but I started to have doubts in the process of laying it out. I love that I posted on IG and instantaneously got feedback…love this community…and I kept moving along.

Background_Planning_creams  Background_Planning_teal

The other question I was going back and forward with was if the cream/pink background (left) was to subtle (wishy-washy). I played around with adding a low-volume teal in the mix (right)….as you can see that is what I stayed with. I think it adds a depth and balance to the top.

Now onto basting, quilting and binding.

Don’t forget to go over and vote for the Bloggers quilt festival. There are some fantastic entries. Here were my two entries; A Fine Day and Hothouse Orchids.

I will be catching up on replying to comments today, I promise!! I am linking up with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday.

25 thoughts on “Butterflies in my stomach

  1. Michelle Harrison

    Wow! the low-volume background was REALLY the way to go on this. I am filing your idea in my head. When it is finished, or even before, do you mind if I PIN it on Pinterest? I wouldn’t do it if you do not approve. I keep a lot of ideas there and I am so glad I do.I couldn’t possible remember all the creative things other people thing of!!!

  2. clumsykristel

    This turned out really beautifully! The balance of colours is really great.

    On the Instagram thing… I can’t use it any more! I updated it and the last update killed it for me… I can’t even open the app any more! So disappointing as I love seeing what people are working on. And that was so awesome that you posted all those pictures for me the other day! I wound up buying just enough fabric in four colours to test it out – plum, pumpkin (total wildcard, that one), jade, and a paler grey from Cotton Couture. Hopefully I’ll be able to settle on a colour for the entire quilt that way, though they’re huge blocks (30″), so maybe I’ll make four of them and then think that’s enough and will just put together a lap quilt with the four colours rather than making something more unified.

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