Sunday Stash #20: Birthday celebrations

Toda, June 8th, is my birthday!!! I am going to share with you a couple of my recent purchases which I am in love with. First up, my new addiction – Aurifil thread…which I recently purchased three boxes. Aurfil Boxes I love how it sews, whether I am using it for piecing, quilting or EPP.  I love the colors…what a wonderful palette of inspiration. As you may be able to tell I have cracked open my Botanics box already  (the middle one) for my current project….and can not wait until I get to the quilting with the thread.Aurfil Cotton Boxes The second thing I am loving and so excited about is Cotton and Steel. After seeing all the IG love of Quilt Market (ah…someday, when I grow up), I could not wait to get my hands on it….especially on the basics package from them. Anxiety is growing….I have pre-ordered everything. to my surprise, Laura @ Little and Lots emailed last week, and put me onto this wonderful bundle; Moonlit by Rashida Coleman-Hale (Cotton and Steel). I am loving those arrow prints, and everything for that matter :-). CottonSteel_Moonlit Those are two of my favorite things.

Lastly, in celebration of my birthday, I also have a giveaway. A fat quarter bundle consisting of 15 prints of First of Infinity Text. BrithdayGiveaway_2014 Just leave a comment about the one quilty purchases/ things you are in love with at the moment. I will draw a winner randomly next Sunday. Hope you all have a good week. Linking up with Quilts from the Attic for Molli’s Sparkles Sunday Stash.

108 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #20: Birthday celebrations

  1. Sarah

    51. Happy Birthday! Right now I am inspired by Jennifer S.’s new line, Shimmer. I won a charm pack not too long ago, and have been making cushion covers with it; it’s just beautiful! The colors are deceptively muted when you look at just one piece, but something happens when you combine them with other fabrics or eachother, and the colors and visual texture just pop and glow. It is very aptly named Shimmer. I am looking forward to the handquilting on these. Thanks!

  2. Sarah L.

    52. Happy Birthday! I hope you had an amazing day! I just got that same Carolyn Friedlander thread bundle and it is inspiring to quilt my latest top finish.

  3. Natalie F

    53. Happy belated Birthday! Well, I am new to quilting (and sewing). Right now I’m inspired by the baby doll quilt I made the crib my husband made our daughter. It was small, but a victory to complete anyway.

  4. L

    54. Happy Birthday! I’m really digging the low volume/text trend. I am using them a lot as backgrounds in my recent quilts.

  5. Natasha Tung

    55. Right now I’m in love with everything Clover! I recently traded in my grandmother’s hand me down bias tape maker for a Clover one and oh boy! what a difference it has made!!

  6. Jenny

    56. oh my gosh, what a giveaway! Happy Birthday! (Sorry, forgot to say that first!) Hmm, I’m in love with the Daytripper bag pattern from Dog Under My Desk. I was anxious to make it, but then I printed it out. :-O It is a gazillion pages long, and now I’m nervous, even though I’ve made bags before. Thanks!

  7. Kelly Wilson

    57. Happy Birthday! I am currently enjoying building a stash. I think quilters eventually open a shop so they can say they aren’t hoarding – they are acquiring for business purposes. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Cotton + Steel. I signed up for a monthly club at Pink Castle so I wouldn’t miss any. Thanks again! notwendy gmail

  8. Margo

    59. Happy Belated Birthday! I love anything with “Text” on it. Don’t know why…just love it! The latest thing I got for quilting other than fabric was a new seam ripper…they really should call them un-sewing assistant….seam RIPPER just sounds too brutal! ha ha! Thanks for the chance to win and again…Happy Birthday! June birthdays are great!

  9. mrsunclefuzzy

    60. Happy Birthday! Right now I am loving all the pictures from quilt market showing the new fabrics coming out, and deciding which ones I am going to want to buy when they release.

  10. Marti

    62. Happy Birthday! I recently spent hours searching to find specific prints from Tula Pink’s Salt Water line in yardage at a reasonable price.

  11. Delaine

    63. Happy birthday! I am in love with Dresdens right now. I am making a quilted tablecloth and curtains for my kitchen with them right now – 33 of them. Thanks!

  12. In The Boon Docks

    64. Happy Birthday! I just received 23 colors of solid Robert Kaufman Organic Cottons that would look perfect with your text prints! I just love colors. Hope you had a great birthday!

  13. Wanda Dotson

    66. I’m also on a quilty obsession with thread, just purchased Aurifil from Massdrop with lots of other people who are obsessed with thread. I love fabric with text.

  14. Allison C

    68. Happy Birthday! I’m pumped for C+S, but in the meantime I’m anxiously awaiting some AMH Pretty Potent. Should be arriving on my doorstep any day…so exciting!

  15. Lee

    69. Have a great birthday! I love some Ann Kelle fabrics I just received and am loving any bright and happy print with a solid navy! thanks!

  16. Sarah

    70. I’m on a bit of a supply “fast” at the moment, but I’m really loving digging through my stash and making things with what I have on hand (sometimes I forget about the fun fabrics I’ve bought in the past!). Thanks for sharing!

  17. Jeifner

    72. I’m loving on sale fabrics 🙂 There was a local shop hop with anywhere from 10-25 percent off in the stores, sales and clearance fabrics. Some as low as 2.99 a yard!!!

  18. The Sassy Quilter

    73. Oh girl! You have it bad…I love Aurifil too and am so jealous:) Happy Belated B-day and enjoy those beauties. Love these text print, fingers crossed! I am loving Cotton+Steel too….hope they have a thread set:)

  19. Joan H.

    74. Happy Birthday ! I have a couple baby quilts to make and the 30’s Playtime collection is calling me.

  20. Sherry VF

    75. I like the low volume bakgrounds but they a little hard to find. Your text prints are super cute. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  21. Chris

    76. Happy Birthday! I just finished Butterfly Blooms, love this pattern. I definitely will do it again. I am working on Granny Squares, love those and then there are Patch Pals going. I love those. So lots of great things going on.

  22. Lisa Marie

    77. I am still drooling over a Sphere layer cake I bought a while back. Love the colors and the geometric prints in that line.

  23. wendy

    79. I am in love with many fabrics, but at the minute I’m in love with designing my own quilt. Something new for me and great fun

  24. sally dixon

    80. Happy Birthday! I’m having fun making little hexi’s. Not sure what I will make with them yet, but they are coming together fast.

  25. Carol F.

    83. Happy Birthday to one June birthday to another…mine’s the 17th.
    Only one? 🙂 Currently I am loving my copy of Beyond Neutral, John Adams new book…I am about to start my 3rd quilt top from the book and I am loving being able to use my vintage fabric scraps in these quilts! 🙂 shhhh don’t tell anyone I mentioned 2 quilty loves 🙂

  26. Michelle Olsen

    84. Happy belated birthday! We have two birthdays in our family this week (: I’m loving Melody Miller’s mustang prints right now, but am saving my pennies for a 50-pack of Wonder Clips right now.

  27. Susan

    85. Happy Happy Birthday! I love fabric of any kind … I would soo love some of the new Cotton and Steel Fabric

  28. Brenda Hulsey

    86. Right now I’m making a Patchwork of the Crosses. I’m surprised that I’m actually doing this but really am enjoying it!

  29. katherine higgins

    87. happy birthday! I am loving the ruler-less quilting that I just experienced for the first time with sherri lynn wood. what liberation!

  30. rosa

    88. Happy Birthday and hope it has been awesome!!
    I love fabrics and just finished tester a pattern and was great gift some pouches to my friends.

  31. Debra Kay Neiman

    90. Happy Birthday. I am so envious of your aurifil stash. Beautiful colors. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  32. Mom C

    91. Love Solstice. Can;t wait to make a string star quilt for Christmas. Happy Birthday. We have 3 birthdays this week.So fun. Thanks.

  33. Pam

    93. Thanks for the vicarious pleasure of seeing your new toys! Luscious stuff! I am inspired by texty prints these days, so I love your generous giveaway package! Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  34. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    95. Happy birthday, Michelle! Hope you had a wonderful celebration : ) And it’s funny about your Moonlit bundle – I’m not in love with the entire new C&S collection (I might be the only one it seems since C&S love is everywhere right now), but Moonlit is the one line that does speak to me and I’ve been trying to dream up a project for it to justify a little preorder!

  35. Gunilla

    96. Happy birthday!!! Hope it was a really good one! Right now I am so in love with my stash of 30’s fabric! Love the colors and the prints, they tend to make me happy and thet seem a bit… carefree maybe? Like there’s no worries in the world… 🙂

  36. Mara

    97. Happy Birthday to you, you and my daughter share a birthday! I am just now using the Hex N More ruler and I LOVE IT! oh and I totally love Aurifil and text prints too and would love to pre-order the Cotton & Steel basics!

  37. Kathleen

    98. Happy birthday to you!! I’m currently enjoying the fact that I have finally turned 20 blocks into a quilt top, almost. Still needs borders. I’ve had the blocks done since 2012!


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