My son’s first sewing project

I am so exited to share this finish this week. It is my son’s first sewing project.

Don’t you love it when your child takes an interest in what you do? My son and I have always done art/craft projects together. Since I have taken up sewing, and he has gotten older (just turned 7), we don’t do as many projects together. Last weekend, he asked to have a go on my sewing machine….I think he likes the buttons on my new Janome.


We decided to make an iPad stand for his teacher. He did a great job and it turned out great and there was no need for the seam ripper (quick’n’pick).  His new 2nd Grade teacher loves it, and uses it in his classroom every day.


Surprisingly enough, he even helped again tonight, with a couple of my blocks for a current project. I will admit, I was a little nervous with this request, but it all turned out great. In a few years, maybe he will will be a part of NGAQB!!

Linking up with Amanda Jean  @ Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday.


11 thoughts on “My son’s first sewing project

  1. mudpiesandpins

    What a great project. Well done him. Defintiely let him dig into your scraps and sew away any time he wants. My son started when he was 4 with a pillow and quilt for his teddy. He loves to sit and sew whenever he gets the chance, even if it’s just helping me out with a few seams. It’s wonderful to have him sew with me.

  2. Emily

    It’s pretty cool that you chose a first project for him that he could finish off and enjoy giving away! I’m sure he had a sense of accomplishment and pride when he was finished! I hope he carries on enjoying sewing in the future!

  3. clumsykristel

    This is so fantastic 😀 I loved getting into my mom’s crafting stuff when I was a kid (and tried many a time to make Barbie clothes, which did not tend to go well) and wish we’d have spent more time working on things together back then.


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