The B Side

I suffer a little from Quilting ADHD… I really do. As I mentioned before I really like working on the tops and then I typically loose interest. So this week, I have refocused on getting some of my backs (the B Side) finished so I can get to the quilting stage.

The second of the two backs are underway…it is the one for my Jungle Ave Tapa Quilt. Not overly complicated….I am using the ladder design also on the back with the fantastic elephant print. I love this print.

Projects and Progress

Project Target Date Current Status
Phased Circles Quilt  OCT2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Cherie Quilt  OCT2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND
Bjorn the Bear  OCT2014  TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND

Also, I have finished the top and back (the second of the B sides this week) for the Cherie Quilt…which is going to be named “Cheri d’amour”. Here is a sneak peak…tutorial is on its way.

If anyone, has recommendations for a quilter, I am going to send at least one of these two quilts out for quilting (60 x 60″ or 60 x 70″). I have ideas for the Cheri d’Amour quilt but am struggling to come up with something for the Jungle Ave Tapa (design is here)…quilting suggestions are also welcome.

Linking up with Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday (see button on the right).

4 thoughts on “The B Side

  1. Susan

    I hate to baste so I usually check out there!

    There are two local long arm quilters I know of. Laura at Meandering Stitches in Apex and Cathy at Quilting Cowgirl in Apex. Cathy does offer custom services and could probably do anything you want though it isn’t cheap. 🙂

  2. Kay

    Looking good. I love making the quilt tops and stitching on the binding, the in between bit of basting and quilting are my least favourite parts. x

  3. Jeifner

    I’ve had some really great ideas for my quilt backs, but then I don’t want to use them on the back cuz you’ll hardly ever see them. So then I have a quilt top, another possible quilt top and no finished item. :/


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