Bloggers Quilt Festival: Phased Circles

Late last year, I finished what is now my favorite quilt I have made so far. It was one of my first original designs, which started as a doodle on a piece of paper. After several design decisions, this is what I came up with for a finish. I think I might of cried for joy when I finished this….especially after an epic 80 hour quilting session (over a week).


This quilt has bought me so much joy and sense of accomplishment. I even got to see it hanging at QuiltCon, and had the most amazing time talking with folks about the design. It was so funny when people know you through something you have made vs. more your name first.

Name: Phased Circles
Dimensions: ~ 56″ x 60″
Design: Michelle Wilkie (inspired by a doodle)
Quilted: Walking foot

Blocks: Matchstick quilting (vertical and horizontal), Crosshatch quilting
Border: 1″ Straight Line quilting
Thread – Aurifil: A fantastic range of cottons that allowed me to match my fabrics perfectly, and made such a difference in textures. Blue block: 6738, 2725; Orange Block: 1133; Green Block: 2835, 5015; Pink Block: 1100, 2600; Jade: 2810, 5007; Gold: 5022, 2110 (not all colors shown in the picture below).

Fabric for Front: Carolyn Friedlander Architextures & Botanics, Kona Curry, Valentine, Breakers, Torch, Wasabi, Prussian, White
Backing: Black, White and Grey Carolyn Friedlander Architextures & Botanics, Kona White and Black
Binding: Matching Binding technique (matching prints/solids)

Here is a mosaic that shows some of the detail of the quilting and the back which is a strong contrast to the bright colors of the front….its all black, white and grey.


I have decided to share this in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival Original Design Category. I hope you all go over and either participate, look around and vote!! Have fun, be inspired.


23 thoughts on “Bloggers Quilt Festival: Phased Circles

  1. Rochelle

    This is a wonderful quilt. The contrast of circles and lines provides movement and then there are plenty of places to rest the eye in the background. Good luck.

  2. Renee

    80 hours of quilting in one week is beyond epic, it’s insane. But you made the deadline and got it into the show! Glad to see it in this festival too!

  3. ElPetitTaller

    This is a really beautiful design! I love the contrast between the dark and light background and the clash with circular and straight shapes. Amazing job with the quilting!!!

  4. Vicki P

    Love, love love everything about this quilt. It absolutely GLOWS when seen in person. Good luck!

  5. Liz

    This is awesome! Your fabric selections are amazing – it looks like almost like a vellum overlay, the illusion of transparency is brilliant!

  6. Linda H.

    I remember seeing this one at QuiltCon, and admiring it. The simple graphic-ness of the design really appeals to me. Are you wearing the volunteer shirt? I’m asking only because I see a selvage skirt there. I wore a selvage skirt too, the day I volunteered! Great minds think alike. Best of luck in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. I think you have a winner.

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