Quick update – close to a finish

It takes a village….is getting closer to a finish. I spent sometime last night quilting more of the triangles with 3 designs (here and here).


I have quilted about 20 of the triangles and have about 26 to go. Last weekend, was so productive I am hoping for the same success this on weekend by finishing this project up this Friday or Saturday.


I will definitely be releasing the pattern for this one….a question for you all though that are interested in it…. See the last row, you have 3 triangles and then two triangles. The negative space inbetween would you like the measurements as individual squares (Two (2) 4.5″ squares) or as one piece (One (1) 8.5″ x 4.5″?? Which way would allow you to line up the rows + columns the easiest??

Linking up with Lee over @ Freshly pieced for WiP Wednesday.

11 thoughts on “Quick update – close to a finish

  1. Sue

    I absolutely love this quilt and the way the quilting is coming along beautifully. My preference would be for a strip rather than 2 squares.

  2. kitty

    Love this quilt for its disposition of the triangles, your color choices and your quilting (off-centre circle)! I’d prefer a strip in the last row to cut in on the surrounding squares.


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