Quilting Triangles II

I have managed to get back to my “It takes a Village” quilt. It has in total Forty-four (44) 4″ triangles. I had previously posted two of the quilting designs I was using for my triangles. Again, using my walking foot, here is the third…

Diamonds within:
I love the simplicity of this design, where you can see the equilateral triangles and then the intersecting lines to form a diamond. I did do some initial marking for this block. I marked the 2” center line, and on the two sides I marked the 2″ height mark for the intersecting lines. These marks are used as rough guides to evenly separate the sections.


Here are the quilted lines for this block; their directions, start and end points:


6 thoughts on “Quilting Triangles II

  1. creaturecomfortquilts

    This is great, thanks for doing the work of working out the most efficient way around these triangles and posting. Your stitching is so straight and even. Just beautiful! I love angularity in quilts.

  2. Rochelle

    I love the thought that goes into how to do the design with the least amount of stops and starts. It looks great.

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