Can-Can Girls & the Rainbow Chorus Line: Giveaway

It could be a headliner for a show but no its even better ;-). I finished one of my WiPs from Wednesday. The Rainbow Can-Can girls, which is my contribution to Laura’s (@littleandlots) sisterhood of the traveling quilt. Rainbow Chorus Line Here’s a close up of Miss Red…I love her shoes!! Miss Red
I think Miss Blue is my favorite as that catches your eye first but if you look a little longer then I also love Miss Green and Miss Orange. Best news though, I know Laura loves them already!! I hope that also excuses me (at least a little) for being 6 weeks late. Even more reason to celebrate the finish by linking up with Amanda Jean for Finish it up Friday.


Pattern: Juliet @ Tartankiwi (available at her pattern store is here)

Fabric: Dress and Plume are made out of Alison Glass and Tula Pink fabrics ( who knew how well they compliment each other, right!!),
Skin: Kona Peony Hair: Kona Cappuccino, Kona Mocha and Kona Chocolate.
Shoes: Kona Purple, Kona Nautical, Kona Pickle, Kona Mustard, Kona  Torch, Kona Tomato. Background: Cotton + Steel (Netorious, XOXO, Dottie), Alison Glass Sun Print Text, Lizzie House mini pearl bracelets + Moda Sweetwater Lucy Crabshack Numbers (I think??)

Size: Total for the Rainbow Chorus line = 60″ x 15″ each block 10 X 15″  finish Estimated time: 4.5 – 5 hrs per block

This pattern has various sized blocks so you can also build a chorus line vanishing off in the distance. Obviously (as seen above), it also has a left and right facing girl for each size. Juliet is truly gifted in her pattern making and makes it so easy for the person making it. Great news, Juliet has also offered to provide one copy of her pattern as a giveaway.


One full pattern of “A Chorus Line” Pattern by Juliet @ Tartankiwi + I will throw in some scraps of the fabric I used in my Rainbow chorus line – oh yes, some Tula Pink and Alison Glass. All you need to do is leave a comment letting me know what your favorite Paper Piecing Pattern is from Juliet’s store. If you follow me, you can leave a second comment. I will randomly choose a winner @ 10 pm Friday August 14th.

UPDATE: The lucky winner of this pattern is #7 Catriona. I will email you shortly.

68 thoughts on “Can-Can Girls & the Rainbow Chorus Line: Giveaway

  1. Lizzie

    2. Oh! I’ve been following your progress on these girls on IG! Love how you fussy cut only a few of the skirts. And I think the orange is my fave though I love the blue too. My favorite Tartankiwi patterns are the Zebra, Lion, Egret, and Buzzard!

  2. Lori Smanski

    4. these fun and happy ladies are the cutest. I really love the red and purple one. But you did a fabulous job on all of them. she has such wonderful pp patterns. I love all the birds, especially the Eagle and Toucan Can and Wren

  3. Judy

    6. i love the patterns if Tartankiwi, I am busy sewing her Flight-quilt!
    I love all your cancans, but my favourite is Miss Tangerine 🙂

  4. janice lashley

    18. truly my favorite pattern by far is the can can girls pattern. I have been following your progress and I think my favorite block is the orange one but I absolutely love the blue one too. I have not paper pieced a lot so this pattern would give me a chance to get more experience. I love the results you get when you paper piece and I would love a chance to win this pattern. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. janicelashley@gmail.

  5. magistra13

    20. Your Can-can Chorus Line is absolutely out of this world. It is an instant Classic of paper piecing to me. Juliet is so incredibly talented that it hard to pick one, or two, of her designs as favorites. But I think I will pick Big Bear as my first choice because I can remember how awe struck I was when I first saw it. Again, just an instant Classic. To me, seeing Juliet’s patterns which project movement and realism,and putting them in current fabrics, makes them very edgy, cool, and modern. 😀

  6. magistra13

    21. For my second comment, I am torn. There is not one of Juliet’s patterns that I wouldn’t want to buy and try making it my own. I haven’t simply because I’m a newbie and don’t feel confident enough yet to approach her patterns. But as my second choice I will say the elephant package simply because I dearly love elephants. There is something that Juliet has done with the little elephant calf pattern that makes it just tug on my heartstrings. Maybe because s/he is running and it looks like it’s running to keep up with its mother? I know, I anthropomorphosize way too much 🙂

  7. Rochelle

    24. I thought, “how hard can this be.,..just look at the patterns and any one will be okay.” But I looked and each one is a work of art. I’m partial to giraffe’s and like that pattern. Also all the elephants, the zebra, the birds….So Any one of them would be a fabulous gift. The chorus girls is lovely and the recipient should be thrilled.

  8. divadiversion

    31. Thanks for sharing the link to Juliets store! Although it is difficult to pick between the Safari Animals and the Butterfly and OMG there is a VW bus – I’m thinking at this moment the butterfly is my fav.

  9. Susan Green

    34. So many to choose from! I’ve been eying off the African Safari bundle. I have 4 little kids and I reckon that would be the shiz!! Although, just me the? The elephant is where it’s at.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this great giveaway. Those can can girls are great too!!!

  10. Mel

    35. I love what you have done here, I have plans to make one for a friend.
    My fav pattern from the store is either this one or the Zebra. Thanks for the giveaway

  11. Pamela Barber

    36. To pick a favourite! Inspired all the time – each new pattern becomes a favourite but have enjoyed the Big Cat, giraffe, lion and must finish another project before creating the Zebra. The girls will go nicely with my nieces 21st birthday quilt. Love your work.

  12. Jan N.

    50. Your can-can lady is beautiful. Juliet has so many great patterns it’s hard to choose just one. I love her zebra and bear patterns.


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