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Sewing Studio: Final make-over

Every so often, I have posted here about my sewing room and how it has been transitioning over time into more of a studio. Except for the wood floors (that may never come), I think finally have the ultimate space for me.

Over the holiday, my husband moved his office out, to the third floor….woohoo. This opened up my room. I realized that I could use the same storage we have in our walk in closet (Ikea), along the stair case railings. A space that was not really usable, became usable.
I love having my Kona’s in one spot and have a hanging area for my backs. This space is also used for all my scraps and my WiPs.

I have also added a new chair from Ikea, which is the new home for a great cushion/pillow that I got for Christmas (from wonderful Nicole @ mamalovequilts).  I now have this amazing 8×7 foot design wall which has already been put to good use.


Of course, you can’t have a comfy chair without a footstool. I managed to finally finish one of my WiPs using Cloud9’s barkcloth. It was a total fluke that the columns lined up in the panels.

These are additions to my sitting area, where I can sit and blog or have coffee with friends.

This is an older picture of my sitting area, as I replaced that little design wall with an inspiration design board. Its made of cork tiles.

One final photo of my new-ish table, that I teach, host friends and quilt large projects on. It seats 4 people with machines ok. At the back is my project table and fabric storage which has been uncluttered of late with the new storage.

If I can work out periscope sometime, I will actually give you all a walk through. Anyway, I love this space and I hope you enjoyed my photo journal of my space :-).




Last minute finishes

First of Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you all had a happy holiday.

Sitting here today, waiting for banana bread and orange muffins to finish baking. It’s the perfect time to catch-up on some project finishes.

Portable selvedge ironing board

I finished my portable ironing board made from selvedges. I have been asked by several people “how does it work ironing on”.  As the selvedges are top stitched there is very little bulk, and so far the ridges or bumps have not pressed through & the board has held up well so far.


Please note when making a portable ironing board, there are a couple of differences from the tutorial I posted a few days ago.

  • The 17 x 17″ board is much harder than the ironing board that below the insulated ironing padding, I added an additional layer of batting.
  • For the edging, I used four (4) 17.5″ x 3″ strips. Sewed each strip together to form a square, pressed the seams. When sewing the strips to the top, pin at the corners and sew corner to corner, leaving a 1/4 space at each end (this allows the ability to turn easily and have neat corners).
  • Lightly stretch top over the board and using a staple gun adhere the fabric to the board. I then used washi tape to finish the edges neatly and added small feet to the bottom of the board.

I plan to make a couple more ironing board covers and use more of my constantly growing pile of selvedges. Definitely a fun project!!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts

I finished Ashley’s Quilt top right before Christmas. I love it. I would so not have made a rainbow quilt on my own, so this experience was fantastic. More information about all the contributors in this WiP post.


Design wall

My hubby moved his office of the bonus room and now I have the whole room to myself. He had the only valuable flat wall space. I now have my 7 x 8′ design wall up. It’s so great to have that much space!!


Its been a week of some great accomplishments and so happy with my new work items. I hope you all have a great New Year!!