Abstract Triangles {Pattern Release}

It has been a long time coming, but I have finally started to finish off a few patterns that I had planned to release over the summer.


The first pattern, I am releasing is “Abstract Triangles”. This is the first of three in the series, with the other two being released in November. This design is one of my favorites. It was inspired by the Bauhaus art movement and by succulents. The pattern is a little different as it combines some exact measurements with some “free” piecing (no measurements provided, but instructions on how to trim). This pillow or mini quilt finishes as 26 x 26″.

My pattern testers did such an amazing job. I am so amazed at how their versions of this pattern turned out.

Wyna (IG: @wtodd141) made this great mini quilt using a neutral palette with a pop of yellow.


Wendy (IG: @wendybzquilting) made this fiery version using an Alison Glass print and bright solids. It reminds me of a volcano readying to blow.


Cheri (IG: @thefiberchick) used a variety of prints effectively to make this amazing result.


I definitely need to make this again with a different color palette and with prints after seeing these great interpretations.

If you are interested in the pdf pattern, you can find it here of payhip or here on Craftsy. Feel free to check out other patterns in my payhip shop, which you can reach directly from my blog (see “shop” menu item).


WINNER is Kris from Sew Sunshine. I will send you an email shortly with the pattern.

Would you like to win a copy of this pattern? You have two chances to win. Leave a comment below on “what art movement or artist or other source in which you find inspiration for designs/quilts”. For the second chance to win, hop over to instagram (ml_wilkie) where you can tag a friend per comment.

I will randomly select a winner for the pattern this Sunday 6pm EST.




19 thoughts on “Abstract Triangles {Pattern Release}

  1. heather

    hi! thank you for doing this! i love those pillows! i have actually been collecting fabric to make a quilt from a pretty thank-you-note from a teacher. just struck me as really pretty colors. 🙂

  2. suzanprincess

    I find most of my inspiration from the blogs I follow–especially yours!–or try randomly when I run across a post that looks interesting. I keep files in my computer of ideas I’ve liked, and refer back occasionally. Just need to do more sewing and less thinking about sewing!

  3. Dawn Voegeli

    I’m not really a student of art, but like to follow blogs like yours to get a feeling for what appeals to me. I really like pieces with more simple lines and asymmetry. It’s a learning process. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Anne

    I never designed my own patterns, and so although I feel constantly inspired by everything (including art), I think quilt blogs and books inspire me most in quilting. I do learned color theory (what works with what) by looking at art.
    Thanks for the chance to win. I love this pattern and I adore seeing so many different versions.

  5. composchoreo

    I don’t think you’d exactly call it a period of art, but I’m super inspired by the work that came out of Black Mountain College which made great use of improvisation as well as abstract ideas. Your designs are always so beautiful!

  6. chanzy01

    I find inspiration in just about everything. If you just look around you can see patterns and color even while walking on a gravel road. One artist that inspires me in their use of color and design is Jeff Hanson. He is visually impaired but produces the most amazing, vibrant artwork.

  7. Audrey

    Hi Michelle! I think the quilting pattern on your pillow is brilliant and adds a story of its own. I am inspired by modern architecture — it helps me to look at large shapes and lines when I am fighting against too much detail. And I’m trying to be inspired by sorbet because I like those colors a whole lot 😉😘

  8. Carol

    Wow! This is so what I love to see. It is affirmation that more abstract styles are accepted now. I love using architectural and natural visions and bringing those clean visions and lines across to fabric

  9. kris

    I am really inspired by many art and architecture artists and craftsmen. I can’t even pick a time period as I love so many different things. I love that you mixed different styles in this also.

  10. Karen

    I’m inspired by some modern artists–especially Anni and Josef Albers. And, of course, wonderful blogs like this one. Great new design, MIchelle!

  11. lizziequilts

    Your work is so wonderful – crisp, unusual, delightful. I am inspired by Gwen Marston, Freddie Moran, Nancy Crow and their ilk as well as the artists such as yourself who are more geometric, but still so satisfying! Thanks for the chance to win.


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