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Meal Plan {01.06.2013} + Recap of week

Today, makes exactly 7 days until my 40th birthday (boy time flies doesn’t it). We are spending next weekend in New York, to celebrate – I am so excited. I promise to post photos when we return – especially so I can share my experience of Lotta Jansdotter’s printing workshop (I may even post a give away – so keep an eye out).

Back to reality…. some of the random things I thought I would share this week.

I took an extra day off for Memorial day to have a 4 day weekend….I spent the morning at my favorite German bakery….I started with the sweets and coffee and enjoyed the relaxing time sitting on the outdoor patio 🙂


We pulled up our first carrot from our vegetable garden today. My son gobbled it up with a little ranch dressing on the side. He did say that “the carrots from our garden were much better than the ones from the supermarket” 🙂


Lastly, tonight, we tried a new vegetarian sauce with all real ingredient’s (which you add meat to it) from Campbell’s. It is call “Skillet Sauces” and you just brown your selection of meat and add the sauce. I was very surprised with the result, after 10-15 minutes cooking…dinner was served; it was full of flavor with a kick and tasted great !!!



Target had 5 flavors you could choose from, if you want something quick I would recommend it. The only thing I would do different next time is add one of the Cauliflowers from our garden (when they are ready that is).

Anyway, here is our meal plan this week:

Saturday Fresh Fruit + Bread with Marmite Trimmed Boneless Pork Loins + Rice + Campbell’s Skillet Sauce
Sunday Rhubarb+Apples Compote + Granola+yoghurt Grilled Fish + Vegetables
Monday English Muffin + Banana + Almond Butter Asparagus + Mushroom Pasta
Tuesday Bircher Muesli Chicken “Fried” Rice (Brown Rice)
Wednesday Rhubarb+Apples Compote + Granola+yoghurt Homemade Vegetable Burgers
Thursday Bircher Muesli Vegetable Frittata 
Friday Berry + Banana + Spirulina Smoothie ? Will be in the airport or New York depending on timing.

We are usually spending ~$70 a week for our meals. Here is this weeks shopping list:

  • Watermelon (TJ)
  • Cherries (TJ)
  • Bell Pepper (TJ)
  • Asparagus (TJ)
  • Onions (TJ)
  • Eggs (TJ)
  • Soy Milk (TJ)
  • Frozen Corn (TJ)
  • Fish (FM)
  • Soy Yoghurt (WF)
  • Gluten Free Pasta (TT)
  • Brown Rice (TJ)
  • Oats (BJ)
  • Sultanas (TT)
  • Rhubarb (LF)
  • Zucchini (TJ)
  • Lettuce (TJ)
  • Tomatoes (TJ)
  • Granny Smith Apples (LF)
  • Mushrooms (TJ)
  • English Muffins (LF)
  • Cereal (BJ)
  • Chicken (BJ)
  • Grated Cheese (TT)
  • Pork (TT)

NOTE: We shop majority at Trader Joe’s (TJ), Target (TT) with an occasional visit to Whole foods (WF), BJ’s , Harris Teeters (HT), Lowes Food (LF) and Fresh Market (FM).
NOTE: We do not typically use coupons mainly due to time.