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My new class idea: Modern Quilt Designing

I have been mulling over a new idea for a class. As you know, I am really enjoying the designing process for making my own quilts. I really want to share that with people. I would love your feedback – so bear with me as I walk you through my idea.

So, the class is about using things around you for inspiration when designing modern quilts – “Every Day Inspiration for Designing Modern Quilts”. I think have a structure, and some of the content decided….

___________________________________CLASS CONTENT__________________________________________

Sources of Inspiration

  • Art History: I think it is important that we understand what has been done before us not only in quilting but also in art using other mediums. I have a focus for Abstract art, with examples of different artists that influence my design aesthetic. Where to look and find resources.
    QDAD_Balcony_DustyBlue24JUL2014  IMG_2228
  • Your environment: How can you use things around you to inspire a design? What should you look for? Photographic examples are used to illustrate how to identify design elements.


  • Initial Design: This covers how do you take these concepts/ideas to create an initial design?
  • Color Palettes: How do use a given color palette and does placement of colors make a difference to the design? Does not cover detailed color theory but elements are discussed and can be provided.
  • Fine-tuning of the design: Experimenting with size and placement of the design elements can make a difference to the overall design.

Additional Information/Class Wrap-up: What tools are out there for designing? Where/What can you do to continue learning?

Student hands on activities for the class: I think it takes practice to be able to find your aesthetic and start to fine tune your skills in what you see around you (something I learned participating in quilt design a day). So my goal for the hands on exercises/activities is to start that process, and practice.

Students come with:

  • 3 photos that either provide inspiration from a color palette or, contains subject matter they are inspired by or, has geometric design elements.
  • Design tool of choice (paper/makers or pencils; computer with software

Exercise 1: Same subject matter, different perspectives

  • Based on an instructor provided photo, draw an initial design in 20 mins.
  • With 10 more minutes what changes would you make (play with color placement or design elements)
  • Individuals will be selected to share with the class your design explain why your inspiration

Exercise 2: Small Group Selection

  • Everyone brings their photos and the group selects one photo that they will use to draw an initial design in 20 minutes
  • With 10 more minutes what changes would you make (play with color placement or design elements)
  • Individuals will be selected to  share with the class your design explain why your inspiration

Exercise 3: Different subject matter

  • Take one of your 3 photos draw an initial design in 20 mins
  • With 10 more minutes what changes would you make (play with color placement or design elements
  • Individuals will be selected to share with the class your design explain your inspiration.

Exercise 4: Abstract artist (if time permits)

  • Repeat Exercise 3 with another photo but use an abstract artist we covered in class to inspire your initial design (20 minutes).

___________________________________________ END_______________________________________________

Ok. So I would love some feedback about what you guys think about this class. Here are some questions I have and if you think of anything else – I would love to hear about it.

  • Is this something you would like to do?
  • Is there anything missing in the class that you would like to see?
  • What to you think about the above Student Hands-on Activities?
  • Do you think most people will bring paper as the design tool and should this be the default? NOTE: I will not be able to offer assistance to those who bring software
  • Do you think this can be a full-day class or 1/2 day class? What would you prefer?
  • Do you think folks would like an exercise, in which, they take their cell phones and take a photo in the class/environment around them to use this for a design? Will everyone have a phone?




Design Inspiration: Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilts

Last year, I watched a group of friends participate in the Sisterhood of the traveling quilts. I loved the idea, and the wonderful creations they made.

Ashley – Wasn’t Quilt in a Day
Laura – Little and Lots
Renee – Quilts of a Feather
Jessica – Quilty Habit

The idea is that you start your quilt and then it moves onto the next person and they add something based on your guidelines. I am so happy, I am joining in on all the fun, this year. Also joining is Liz from Beadqueene’s Bits and Baubles.

This was my inspiration mosaic (posted on IG. (ml_wilkie) and pulled from my inspirational quilts board on pinterest (squeekcrafts)).

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.18.41 PMNote: Top left, middle and bottom right are all by Erin Wilson, Top right is by zipper teeth, Botton Left is a mosaic of Hopewell quilts.

I was additionally inspired today by the road signs as we traveled to the mountains. My husband thought I was crazy snapping road signs all along our trip, but then he also finds it funny that I see a quilt design in everything 😀


So, taking these images and combining it with my preferred color palette (Kona Torch, Kona Pool, Kona Titanium, Kona Regal and various Neutrals)….my initial block designs for my sisterhood quilt look like this so far.


I may add a couple more blocks that are based on some of the other things we saw – like a bridge, ski lift etc. Now, all I need to do is get these made before QuiltCon so I can pass them along to the next person who will be adding to my blocks.

Blogiversary + Giveaway

It’s been two years already!! Where did time go?? This year has been a big one for my blog and myself. You may have noticed I stopped posting about topics other than quilting/sewing. This was not a conscious decision. It kind of happened organically, as such, I changed up my blog menu, to reflect more of my active quilting topics.

Some of the big things that have happened in the last year:

  • Won Designers Choice award for the Threadbias Critters Patch Baby Quilt Design contest.
  • Participated in my first online bees – Scrapbeelicious and Stash bee.
  • Started Book Review Tuesdays (which is still happening just a little more sporadically).
  • Hosting Gypsy Wife Quilt Along and it was the first time I reached out to get sponsors.
  • My most successful post is the tutorial for the iPad/iPhone stand.
  • Teaching 4 modern quilting classes at Spoonflower using my Sampler Quilt design. Part 3 of the 4 classes is currently open if you want to attend and in the Raleigh/Durham area.
  • Participated in Sew Down Nashville and met some of the folks in the blogosphere. Also met Ashley (finally) from Wasn’t Quilt in Day!
  • Joined the Quilt Design a Day group.
  • Michael Oakshott, sponsored my “Neighbourhood” quilt and sent me fabric!!
  • Won the Jungle Ave + Quilt Now Quilt Design contest.
  • You can check out my finishes for this year here.
  • Last week, I reached over 100,000 views!! and ~800 followers
  • Today, I have a featured tutorial on Sew Mama Sew for my new quilt, which is one of my Quilt Design a Day designs. I will be choosing a couple more designs over the next couple of months and sharing them on Sew Mama Sew (if you have a favorite let me know).

A thank you goes out to the top 5 recent commenters to my blog. This is based on a wordpress statistic which does a count of the number of comments made by a person in the last 1000 comments. I will be sending a gift card to these 5 people from Hawthorne Threads. An email has been sent.

In addition to this I want to thank all those who have supported me in my new hobby/obsession, I thought a giveaway would be in order.  All you need to do is leave me a comment about a project you are proud of so far this year (include a link so I can take a look. I love seeing everybody’s work). If you are a follower leave a second comment for a second entry. The winner will be announced after 6pm EST this Friday (5th September).

The giveaway includes:

  • A 1/2 yard bundle of a selection (at least 3-4 yards) of my “Elements” fabric designs from Spoonflower.com.
  • A Robert Kaufman Kona Color Card from the FQS.
    Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 11.29.35 AM
  • And a box of Alison Glass Aurifil thread kit (small)

Linking up with Lorna for Let’s bee Social (see button on the right).