Sunday Stash #22: Elements and Metallics

I am so excited today as I get to share with you some of the samples of my new prints. I created a collection called Elements, which features a text-based print of the periodic table and a print of the atomic representation of elements. I know super science geeky!!!

The text-based prints are Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Phosphorous Red, Carbon, Iron, Silver, Oxygen, Calcium (left to right). There is one missing in the photo below Sulphur which is a yellow text on white.


For the atomic element prints, each of the elements are shown as their correct atomic representation. From left to right; Carbon, Iron, Silver, Phosphorous, Copper, Gold.

I already have a quilt in mind using this block design I showed a while ago:

With this in mind, I hunted for some metallics to work with my prints and was pleasantly surprised at how in vogue they are at the moment.

From left to right:

I love the very neutral and earthy feel this fabric provides. I like the change. That’s it for this week. You can check out my fabric designs at spoon flower, here.

Linking up for Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash (see button on right) which is being hosted by Handmade by Mary Emmens.






11 thoughts on “Sunday Stash #22: Elements and Metallics

  1. Mary

    These are pretty delicious prints, I’m not sure what I would do with metallics other than stash them, looking forward to seeing what yours become. thanks for linking up

  2. Lisa in Port Hope

    Hopefully being geeky is still “in”. I love the colours you are using and as a chemical engineer, think these are so cool! Have you considered making up a 4-quarter print (i.e. you put 4 of these prints on a 1-yard cut)?

  3. sfredett

    Great prints!!! And I love that they’re not overtly nerdy like some I’ve seen, more of a “you have to know to see” kind of thing. 🙂

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