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30 / 30 Sewing Challenge check-in

It has been a challenging week for more than one reason or another. The biggest news, was when the hubby rang to say he broke his collar-bone playing soccer at work. What you might find shocking, is that this was the second broken bone (two different ones), that he has broken in the last 12 months, in the same arm, playing soccer at work…..I know, right!!!  😀

I still managed to get most of my time in this week for the challenge, starting with some paper piecing, trying out my new pattern. I hope to finish these Week 2 of March.

The rest of the week, I spend most of the time cutting the first half of my X & + blocks.


And on Saturday, I was in going through the motions…. “sewing, sewing and keep on sewing”.

So this upcoming week, I plan on finishing the tapa star cushions and completing 1/2 of the X & + blocks (which is 24 blocks).  Linking up with Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs for the 30/30 Sewing Challenge check-in.

Berry Barn Designs