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Sunday Stash: New fabric lines

Once again, there are so many new fabric lines that I am liking!! Here are a couple I recently purchased selected prints of.

Hello, Bear: Love the muted palette, especially the splashes of teal and coral amongst the neutrals.

Yoyogi Park: A friend Just let us know she was pregant, and then I received Hawthorne Threads newsletter with this wonderful line from Skinny La Minx. Perfect for a baby quilt – right!!

Elizabeth: Of course Tula Pink’s new line, my favorite prints are the stripes.  I did not pink up the flower pints. Don’t shot me, but this is one of first Tula Pink’s lines I have liked a majority of the prints, in a while. I think there are some great basics in this line that can be mixed in with other prints.

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Sunday Stash #17: Grey Bundle

Last week,  both Ashley and Kate commented on pulling great stash fabric. Thank you and this post is for you guys 🙂

I love fabric!! My husband would definitely agree with me, when I say “I am an addict and proud of it”. I started off without much of a stash, but over the last 6-8 months that has been rectified.  Now, one of my favorite things to do is pull fabrics and put them together and see how different they can be with fabrics not from the same line.

One of my favorite core colors is grey, it is so versatile. You can use it

  • As a main color – this is an example with my Lotta Aerial quiltLottaAerialQuilt
  • or you can use it as a background fabric, whether it be a pattern/low volume
  • or as a solid, neutral

I recently bought a variety of grey fabrics and I thought I would share my bundle. These will be a staple in upcoming quilts.


From left to right:

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Sunday Stash #17: Hawthorne Threads

My favorite online fabric store is Hawthorne Threads. I love the discounts per purchase and the loyalty tiered pricing.

This week, I found a few lines that interested me, and you guessed I purchased selected prints. Absolutely, no constraint or fasting here!! 🙂

Anna Maria Horner: Pretty Potent

Jane Farnham: Beyond the BackyardJF_FruitStand

Jane Farnham: Fruit StandJF_FruitStand2


That is my haul for this week. I am linking up to Molli’s Sunday Stash that is being hosted this week by the lovely Em @ Sewing by Moonlight.

Sunday Stash #15: Building ones stash

I have mentioned previously that I am trying to be more selective on the fabrics I choose. So, there are certain fabrics and colors that I use more than others like low volumes, text prints, blues, greens, oranges and yellows. I am always on the look out for prints that fit the bill….

TreasureMap_FabricsThese first ones are all from the fabric line Treasure Map by Lesley Grainger for Riley Blake. I loved the wave prints, grey is what I feature above. I think these prints are just good solid basics for any stash.

Detour_text_prints I love these text prints, image these as pillow/cushion backs!! The fabric line is Detour by Bo Bunny for Riley Blake.

low_volume_prints I have mixed feelings about the low volumes purchased here…well really its just the one print….I am not thrilled with the green sewing text print but I have been using it in some bee blocks and it looks ok. I can’t remember where I purchased these but I think it was on sale somewhere (doh…is that a bad sign).

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Sunday Stash #9: Off to the moon

I can definitely blog about my new additions to my stash today but alas, my 30/30 Sewing Challenge was a bust this week. That was mostly due to the hubby’s arm:

  • Wednesday – having to get up at 4am to the hospital, kind of limited extra curricular activity
  • Thursday –  7 hours at the hospital for the surgery, I did however get some hand sewing done on my Hexagon quilt for a couple of hours.
  • Friday / Saturday – the care giver of two, took over 🙂

Good news though, the hubby’s collarbone is all fixed now and he is moving about. He landed up with a plate holding his collarbone together.

So onto the fabric additions, which is far more interesting ;-)..First up, is a selection of the Rocket Age line….perfect for Chair bags/Chair pockets and pillow cases, I am thinking.RocketAge_HawthorneThreads

Also, purchased some miscellaneous fabrics…

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Sunday Stash #8 -2014: A splash of spring

My latest purchase from Hawthorne Threads, reminded me today of Spring. Yes, you know that season that hasn’t quite arrived yet. It is actually teasing us. It was here today, gone tomorrow (snow/sleet is back).

So, to share with all those that desperately need a glimpse of Spring, here are a selected few prints from the line Meadow by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics.



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Sunday Stash #7 – 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I showed my combined purchases for January. Some of the pile were whole lines I liked, others were fabrics to grow my stash fabrics. Here are some of those:

The Reds:Stash_Reds

  1. Madhuri Red Circles (Fat Quarter shop and currently on sale)
  2. Sun Print Feathers in Rogue (Hawthorne Threads
  3. Madhuri medallion Red (Sew for a song)
  4. Norwegian Woods Too, Foxtrot in Purple (Hawthorne threads)

The Yellows:Stash_Yellow

  1. Tule, Sand Dunes in Golden (Hawthorne Threads)
  2. Herringbone in Yellow (Hawthorne Threads)
  3. Sun Print Corsage in Sun (Hawthorne Threads)
  4. Sun Print Party Streamer in Sun (Hawthorne Threads)
  5. Madhuri Elephants in Orange (Stash Modern Fabric)

The Blues:Stash_Blue

  1. Stitch Circle in Navy (Hawthorne Threads)
  2. Scenic Route, Trees in Blue (Hawthorne Threads)
  3. Hothouse Flowers, Seeds in Blue (Hawthorne Threads)
  4. Hothouse Flowers, Seeds in Light Blue (Hawthorne Threads)

The Greens:Stash_Green

  1. Scenic Route, Trees in Green (Hawthorne Threads)
  2. Madhuri Green Stripe (FQS, Currently on sale)
  3. Hothouse Flowers, Seeds in Green (Hawthorne Threads)
  4. Sun Print Feathers in Lime (Hawthorne threads)

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