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A Modern Sampler

I was asked by World Book Media to make the Modern Sampler Quilt pattern by Yoshiko Jinzenji. Of course, I said yes as I love the aesthetic and her fabrics. I have almost 5 out of the 12 blocks done and have hopes to finish all by the weekend.

For those that want to give the pattern a try, you can find them here or on their etsy store. The pattern for each block is a template which you trace onto tracing paper so that you can use that template to cut out each piece (adding seam allowance).


The template approach allowed me to have some flexibility in how I make the blocks. I can decide if I am cutting each individual piece, or use the template as a paper-piecing template or  modified a couple of the blocks to avoid partial seams. Once complete though, the blocks still have the same overall appearance.

I have done well with my projects so far this month. Here is where I am at for my other projects:

Project Dates Current Status
 Sisterhood Quilt  18th May (ship)  COMPLETE & SHIPPED
 It takes a Village  18th May  COMPLETE
  Idea, Design, Create  18th May
(ship for quilting)
 Pushme, Pullme  18th May
(ship for quilting)
TOP (last-minute changes – adding a strip to top),
 Yoshiko Jinzenji Quilt Sampler  End of May TOP (UNDERWAY), BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND

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WiP Wednesday (actually on a Wednesday)

I can not tell you how many times I have forgotten to post my WiP list on a Wednesday lately!!

For this installment, I have narrowed down my list to just to the projects I am focusing on for this month.  One step at a time…. I just need to finish a couple of things.

Project Dates Current Status
 Sisterhood Quilt  18th May (ship) BLOCKS/ROW (UNDERWAY)
 It takes a Village  18th May TOP, BACK, BASTE, QUILT (UNDERWAY), BIND
  Idea, Design, Create  18th May
(ship for quilting)
 Pushme, Pullme  18th May
(ship for quilting)
TOP (last-minute changes – adding a strip to top),
 Yoshiko Jinzenji Quilt Sampler  End of May TOP (UNDERWAY), BACK, BASTE, QUILT, BIND

The fabric finally arrived for me allowing me to finish the border of the sisterhood quilt.


One of the new projects that I am working on this month, is this Yoshiko Jinzenji Modern Quilt Sampler, for World Book Media. It is going to be a great low volume quilt using her fabrics. This is one of the blocks. I am super excited about this project.


So there you have it, a big sewing weekend planned!! Linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday (see button on the right).

Lines Drawn

Ok, so really I do not have a name yet for this quilt. Lines Drawn just popped into my head as I was writing this…so let’s see. I will say, this is probably one of my favorite quilt tops.


This quilt top came together fairly quickly while on our mountain vacation this week, a big woohoo for vacations.  I love the lines, minimalism and complementary nature of the fabrics I choose (love the squares and colors in each).


Fabric Selection Process:
I have been stashing Karen Lewis Textiles fabric and trying to find the right project and decided I just need to do a design specifically for some of my pieces. This was it. I did play with the colored fabrics I had for a bit and decided on using Allotment in Silver, Oyster and Nautical and Kona Torch (orange stripe).

I also knew, once I finished this design that a plain white, or even a white on white fabric was not going to be enough for the background. I wanted something with some interest but not something that took away from the focus of the two lines. I immediately played around with my Yoshiko Jinzenji fabric and decided none of them worked…but there was one I had been looking at that would be perfect…I bought it and thankfully the vision was right on (that does not always happen when I buy fabric for a specific project).

Here’s a close-up of the fabrics in the quilt:


I think, I have already found a spot to hang the quilt in the house. It is in my son’s room, that is, if I can convince him to let me hang it…it doesn’t have pink it and does have one of his favorite colors orange…so there is a chance 😉

If you can think of a better name, I am open to suggestions. Linking up with Amanda Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it up Friday.

#Sewing Away From Home Adventures

This is a long weekend for myself and my family. We decided to go to the mountains for some relaxation and snowboarding. The North Carolina Mountains did not disappoint….it welcomed us with fresh snow and blue skies.

As I was settling in to start some quilting for the weekend, I realized I had forgotten some essentials.

  • A second bobbin to wind new thread (a different color) for one of the quilts I wanted to quilt
  • An iron….yes, remembered the ironing board but not my iron.
  • A maker pen/pencil for marking out my quilting pattern

My solution for the last one, was to hand baste the line instead…you’ll see more of this quilt soon, I promise.

I did get about 1/4 of the top quilted… but then I decided it was time for a couple of new projects 😉

I have been a Karen Lewis Textiles fabric hoarder, for a while now. The other week, I came up with a design that I already knew this is where I would put them into use (a design yet to be posted but is a QDAD).  I paired Karen’s Allotment Prints (in Iron, Oyster and Nautical) with Yoshiko Jinzenji fabric and a splash of Kona Torch. Here’s a quick close up of the quilt top….


Aren’t those fabrics great together….I love how the square theme in each make it cohesive.

The last project I have been working over the long weekend, is my Tapa Star I pattern. I am getting it class ready and hope to teach later in the year. It’s a paper piecing pattern which I have previously finished with Carolyn Friedlander prints; this time I am using mostly Spoonflower prints.

I am loving the color combination with this one. The fabrics featured here are:

Back home tomorrow, and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed….in the meantime leaving you with a photo of the mountains today….we had snow!!

Linking up with Lee @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday….as I am likely getting much more done before Wednesday 🙂


Hothouse Orchids – Pantone Quilt Challenge Finish

I have finished my Pantone Quilt Challenge quilt. This mini quilt really allowed me to explore a couple of themes:

  • A color study with Radiant Orchid, where I used shades of Radiant orchid as sashing and across the diagonal from top left to bottom right. The whole clover sunshine line by Alison Glass offered great radiant orchid like prints and great complementary colors.
  • A theme study for Borders and Lines; after reading Quilting: Color + Lines  by Yoshiko Jinzenji, I thought this would be a great opportunity to explore this topic with fiber.


This quilt is all appliqué, which was my first time using this technique. I really enjoyed it. I had a hard times with a couple of decisions:

  • Should I put a thicker border around the edge?
  • Should I go darker or go white for the binding?

After great feedback from my IG friends (thank you), I chose no thick borders, and I did go with the darker binding.


So, to wrap up…the final details:
Name: Hothouse Orchids
18″ x 19″
Fabric (front): Clover Sunshine by Alison Glass, Kona Violet (sashing), Kona White (background)
Fabric (back): Ludovika from Ikea
Quilting: Straight line quilting – various width bands with invisible thread.

Linking up and entering the Mini Quilt Pantone Quilt Challenge hosted by Anne @ Play crafts + Adrianne @ On the Windy Side.

2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge


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