Work in Progress: Orange and Grey Quilt

For this week’s work in progress, I wanted to share the quilt I am working on for our bedroom.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

In the previous post, I was able to share the first 5 squares of 64 for this quilt, which was only doable as I discovered Spoonflower (found fabric prints that fitted with what we were looking for). Here’s a reminder:

Now the update, here are four more – I decided to introduce the a glimpse of green in amongst the see of orange and grey.

Here are some individual shots, just in case :-):


9 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Orange and Grey Quilt

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  2. Laura C

    Ahhh, you’ve got an orange-and-grey lovely in the works too! I love your fabric choices, and the blocks you’ve got so far. Orange is the PERFECT winter color.


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