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“A Fine Day” : Entry to Bloggers Quilt Festival

The talented Amy @ Amy’s Creative Side,  always puts a well-organized online quilt festival this time of year. I am entering a couple of quilts!!



The first one is my MQG Riley Blake Challenge quilt “A Fine Day”. It is an original design that was inspired by the color of the prints that were provided in the challenge. It reminded me of the colors of the sun throughout a fine day.

Sunrise (bottom left), Midday (top left), Sunset (top right) and Dusk (bottom right).

AFineDay_hangingWhile each block was planned, I used improv piecing to break up the colors and prints. Each of the blocks, has matching binding to frame it appropriately…which is one of my favorite things about the quilt.

For the quilting, I used invisible thread on top, since the colors varied so much. I tried my hand at circular quilting for the first time, trying to keep the sun theme in the quilting.  I loved the circular quilting.


One last picture for the quilting on the top:

Dimensions of this quilt is: 30 ” x 34 ”

Be sure to stop by and see the other quilt which I hope you enjoy ….this one is being entered in the modern quilt category.


Christmas Stocking complete – one more to go

My husband’s and son’s stockings are now complete. I had previously posted the pattern I was using and the top part of my husband’s in this WiP post. I got lots of great comments about the non-traditional color selection; thank you to all those who commented. Here are the finished two stockings hanging above the fire-place.ChristmasStockingsx2

Here’s the final top view of my husband’s stocking. Most of the fabrics were from Joann’s premium quilt fabric section, except the yellow chevron (zigzag) which is of course from the Riley Blake collection and the orange chevron no. 2 (zigzag) fabric which is from Misstina at Spoonflower.comFinishedTop

I used brown checked fabric for the backing: BrownCheckedBacking

The lining of the stocking was a brown and white polka dot fabric and to finish it off I used orange binding: StockingLining

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Work in Progress: Orange and Grey Quilt

For this week’s work in progress, I wanted to share the quilt I am working on for our bedroom.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

In the previous post, I was able to share the first 5 squares of 64 for this quilt, which was only doable as I discovered Spoonflower (found fabric prints that fitted with what we were looking for). Here’s a reminder:

Now the update, here are four more – I decided to introduce the a glimpse of green in amongst the see of orange and grey.

Here are some individual shots, just in case :-):


Designing our sun room

This is the first blog post that talks about our interior design choices.  My husband and I like modern, and simple lines.

One of the first rooms we finished designing in our house was the sun room. It is an enclosed sun room, and it is a small space ~5 ft by ~7 ft.

There are several things we loved, about this room, before we started:

  • the color  – its a dark cream; and
  • secondly the light of the room, it has great windows.

The floor consists of terra-cotta tiles, which I was not sure about when we first moved in, but as the room opens to the deck and backyard I have changed my mind – its the perfect surface with a 5 year-old and outdoor activities.

The room had a glass door and a fixed window which was door-sized exiting to the deck. We replaced that with beautiful simple French doors.

Some of the key pieces in the room that makes this a functional room and pulled it together for us are, the side-turned bookcases we use for records and cd’s, the two chairs,  the red lamp, the grey rug and the simple side table (adorned with a plant and a beautiful paper weight art piece). The layout of these pieces definitely make the room seem larger (this was the second layout option we tried).


My husband and I do appreciate art and are influenced by New Zealand artists. Some of the pieces that add interest to our room include an antique gas coach lamp which we hung in the inner window space (recycled from my husbands grandfather’s summer garden), a green tiki, and 3 pottery tiles with New Zealand native plants (NZ Cabbage tree, Nikau tree and NZ Flax).


I love to read, listen to music and relax in this room now. When friends come over this is where we drink coffee.  I think when designing, for us, it is about putting together items we have collected over time and making room useful but an enjoyable space.