UFO – what to do with the outer border

My goal for February is to finish the top and bottom of the quilt and be in the process of quilting it. I linked up with A lovely year of finishes to give me the incentive I need.
A Lovely Year of Finishes

So currently, my first quilt is still a UnFinished Object. I am posting today as I would like some feedback on the border by the greater quilting community (linking up with Amanda @ CrazyMomQuilts).

I have finished 1/2 of the top of my 4 seasons quilt. I am really liking the choice of the Notting Hill, Joel Dewberry fabric choice for the borders. Below, are the pictures of the season panels of the quilt, that will help explain my options.

I have two options for the main outer border, and would like feedback to help me make a decision, as I am not sure which way to go.

Option 1: I was thinking of putting a parallelogram (1/2 chevron) pattern on the edge for the main border, which is shown currently below.

Option 2: The inside borders are just a simple straight line border using scraps of varying sizes – should I use this design also for the outer border?

What do you think?

IMG_6859 IMG_6861IMG_6860IMG_6862

23 thoughts on “UFO – what to do with the outer border

  1. clumsykristel

    I really like that first option – it’s got a colour gradation that I really like, and it’s just interesting. It’d be a really creative and different finish from what you usually see.

  2. Laura C

    You’ve done such a great job with the one on the left! Use it! The second choice is safe and also looks great. But stick with the first one, don’t chicken out of all that work! The half-chevrons remind me of blinds, for some reason? Like I’m looking at the trees through a window.

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  4. Alissa

    OMG!!! I just found your blog (from your comment on mine:)) and this is gorgeous!!! Really really beautiful craftsmanship. I think whatever you do will look lovely. Obviously you have a great eye for coordinating fabrics and textures.

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