First Madrona road block for mini quilt

Our quilt guild Madrona Road Challenge started last month and ends in May. I had seen so many wonderful Madrona Road finishes I really did not know what I could do that is original, until I received my March issue of Dwell Magazine (a modern architecture and design magazine), this month’s focus is on Interior Design. In the article, Industrial Designer,  it shows how a 200 year old factory was transformed into an modern style and inviting home (pages 86-93). It is truly magnificent.

What captured my imagination were the tiles that was used in this transformation. There are two designs I want to use as quilts, but the one I am hoping to put into a 9 block mini quilt are these floor tiles:

Page 90
Here they are again in the top two photos for the shower and bathroom, I am using the shower photo as my reference for my mini quilt :Page 92

The first block is finished, which I am calling “Checkers Board Block”  – this is my finish for the week (linking up with Amanda from Crazy Mom Quilts).
Checkers Board Block

I am excited about this project as I have not made a mini quilt before and I am trying some new techniques out along the way :-). This weeks technique, that was different than what I normally do, was how I pressed the blocks to get them to line up and fit well together – I pressed the strip seams in opposite directions to each other. I liked how it turned out.

If all the other blocks turn out, I will make an effort to create patterns and post them, in case someone is interested.

8 thoughts on “First Madrona road block for mini quilt

  1. clumsykristel

    Those Madrona fabrics are SO beautiful. I never did buy much of it, but it just looks great in so many applications. I think your inspiration is perfect for it though!

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thanks – I hope it turns out as cool as it looks in my head. We have only fat 8th’s of a few fabrics. I think it will work if I choose the right solids.

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