March Madness – Goal Update

I did not get through all my March goals but I think I did pretty well, and I found out why they call it March Madness around here. My March was just complete madness and went by so fast :-). Here are my finishes and updates. Here are my finishes and updates. Linking up with “A Lovely year of Finishes” and Amanada Jean @ Crazy Mom Quilts.
A Lovely Year of Finishes

  1. Bottom, Baste and Quilt, the “Four Seasons in one day” (named after a crowded house song).
    Finished the bottom and basting but still quilting 
  2. Finish 2 sets of chair bags.
    No Progress. 
  3. Finish 1 set of pot holders (custom order)
    Fabric arrived today….hopefully will finish tomorrow.
  4. Finish a E-reader case
    New finish today
    IMG_7050 IMG_7049 IMG_7047
  5. Sew + Finish the Triple zip pouch
  6. Kiwi Paper Piecing Cushion Cover
  7. Make 1-2 Blocks for our Madrona Road Challenge
    Checkers Board Block

Continue with my more general goals

  1. Continue with Life Style Challenge with a focus on:
    – No Sugar or Processed Food
    – Exercise 3 times a week
    I did not accomplish this this month
  2. Post 3 times a week min.
    On target
  3. Post a new recipe each week
    On target

17 thoughts on “March Madness – Goal Update

  1. divadiversion

    It’s difficult to make such big changes like exersizing three times a week, as well as get so much accomplished. Although I realize that others have done this, I find the goal elusive.

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thanks, I am starting to realize that I need to balance everything a little better and not over commit to things. I just need to get started. 🙂

  2. Teje

    Hi! Your e-reader cover is perfect! And the 3-zip pouch! How about the beautiful Kiwi paper piecing – I’m collecting bird patterns and I’m wondering if this is yours or where you found it.
    Sunny wishes! x Teje

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thanks 🙂

      The kiwi is from Juliet @ Tartankiwi. The details were in this blog post. Have fun with it. I really enjoyed and now want to do lots more paper piecing.

      1. Teje

        Thank you! How I missed the details – I have to look again. That’s so great! I made my first pp with Forest QAL and now I’m hooked! x Teje

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