WiP Wednesday + August Goals

My focus this month for “A lovely year of finishes” is to finish the top for my hexagon quilt. This is a hand sewn project and it keeps getting bigger  – it will now be a lap quilt ~ 56 x 56 in. I have about 8 rows to go.


My design of this quilt has developed over time – I have the center focused on a mix of low-volume and high-volume prints (I try to alternate these rows), 8 rows to be specific. I have stuck with oranges, reds, yellows, blues, greens, greys, black and white printed fabrics. Each hexagon in this center section uses a unique fabric – there are currently no repeats of prints in the same color.

The new aspect is I want the center to have a border of 2-3 rows of various grey solids. Then finally I will finish this off with 3-4 more rows of low and high volume prints…repeating the pattern.

I think I will machine quilt circles or a radiating circular quilt pattern. I do not know how I will do the back yet. Anyway that is my thought process so far…I will leave you all with a close-up.


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16 thoughts on “WiP Wednesday + August Goals

  1. Jen

    Oh my gosh, this is fantastic! I can’t imagine how much time has gone into this, but it is absolutely gorgeous. Love the colors, and love the radiating pattern. Love love love!

  2. Ashley

    it’s looking great! love the colors and i think the size is perfect – love all the fabrics. you are a much better woman than me – this took some love and time, my friend!

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      I am terrible at consistently putting time in it….I was hoping to have it finished in the weekend but it probably has a few weeks worth of work to go. So here’s hoping 🙂

  3. Beth

    Beautiful! I’m working on a hexagon quilt and I can appreciate all of the time and thought in regards to your fabric choices!

  4. Laura C

    Your plan sounds like this is going to be amazing. (It is, in fact, already amazing.) I think it’s incredible that you have done so many different fabrics in the center! What a special quilt this will become.

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thank you, that is so sweet. I was just reading your stash post….you can image what mine would look like since there are 205 hexagons in the center and I have not reused a fabric yet (and I have easily 100 hexagons for the outer still without using a fabric)….that was when the hubby went wow, where did this fabric come from :-)!!!

      1. Laura C

        Lol I showed my husband my post in the spirit of coming clean. He acted not-surprised. He still hasn’t seen what’s in that yarn bag though. 😉

        205 is an incredible number. What a great piece this is!

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