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WiP Wednesday + August Goals

My focus this month for “A lovely year of finishes” is to finish the top for my hexagon quilt. This is a hand sewn project and it keeps getting bigger  – it will now be a lap quilt ~ 56 x 56 in. I have about 8 rows to go.


My design of this quilt has developed over time – I have the center focused on a mix of low-volume and high-volume prints (I try to alternate these rows), 8 rows to be specific. I have stuck with oranges, reds, yellows, blues, greens, greys, black and white printed fabrics. Each hexagon in this center section uses a unique fabric – there are currently no repeats of prints in the same color.

The new aspect is I want the center to have a border of 2-3 rows of various grey solids. Then finally I will finish this off with 3-4 more rows of low and high volume prints…repeating the pattern.

I think I will machine quilt circles or a radiating circular quilt pattern. I do not know how I will do the back yet. Anyway that is my thought process so far…I will leave you all with a close-up.


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WiP Wednesday {05.06.2013}: Craft Storage Board

I have updates for 3 projects I have previously been working on. In October, last year, I shared the craft storage board that I was making.  Well that now is almost finish….I am storing my cotton reels, ribbons and things like sewing machine needles, pins etc.


The green containers will ultimately be screwed into the board under the cotton and once that is done it will be put on the wall above my sewing machine.IMG_7410

Last weeks projects are moving forward. The hexagons look like they will land up being a baby quilt – thanks for all the suggestions…The hexagons are now about 20″ wide.

IMG_7413 IMG_7415

I am almost finished the top for the pillow/cushion….The bottom 3 rows are the last pieces that need to be added. I will be finished by Thursday night (with a push :-)). IMG_7411

Close-up of the finished rows so far.IMG_7412

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One other activity that is going on, I am going to be part of is the 2013 New Blogger Blog Hop, which starts next week!!! I am so excited about participating it will be a lot of of fun and a great opportunity to meet new people. I am planning on writing a tutorial on a paper-pieced block that I created for the Madrona road quilt….I hope you will join us. If you want more information, go and see Beth @ Plum and June.

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WiP Wednesday {29.05.2013} : Hexagons and HST

The long weekend has definitely impacted my schedule this week. While on the beach, watching the kids I was able to use some scraps and made up some hexagons. I now have 37 pieced together.  Any ideas on what I should make with these? I was thinking of a pillow or a baby quilt (if I am over zealous 🙂 )….maybe just a portable blanket for a car seat/pram (push chair). What do you all do?

IMG_7373 IMG_7375

The other project, I was working on last week for our quilt guild pillow swap….well, I am not as far as I wanted to be, but I have made steady slow progress. I have sewed 30 of the 50 squares together.


To make the 1/4 inch line on each side of the diagonal, I used a Quarter Inch Seam Marker Ruler. It worked great, I purchased it at Joann’s – a set of three, however I can not find it online to share at Joann’s so here is one similar I found at Amazon. I am sure you can find them everywhere though. I just used the middle line of the ruler, to line up the opposite corners (ie. the diagonal) and drew a line on either side with a pencil marker…then sewed down the lines. So simple, when I measured my squares – they are 2.5 inches around!!!  🙂


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