Sunday Stash {18.08.2013} + Sewing Room

Remember the post where I was playing around with the palette builder by Anne @ Play Crafts,  and how cool it was that it now supports the Kona Cotton palette. Well, that and the sale on Kona cottons at Fat Quarter led to this:


Yes, 29 new Kona solids have been added to my fabric stash. This purchase, finally had the hubby asking ” Where are you going to put it all”. Then comment just so long as you can fit it all in the shelving I am ok. You will be pleased to know with a little organizing they all fit.

I had shared with you a couple of photos on my fabric stash and sewing room of late. To consolidate so I can share on Studio Spotlight link-up, here is my sewing room and stash storage.

The Sewing Space:
I love the natural light I get with the sewing machine in the alcove there. The Pottery Barn project table has been amazing – so worth the money.SewingRoom

Upcoming Project Storage & Book Case:
The Project Storage is new, purchased from PB Teen. The bookcase (from west elm) is invaluable for storing my Scrap Bins, Linen, Charm Packs, Corduroy, Mens Ties, Batting, Zippers, Finished Projects etc. I love how it matches.

Rainbow Fabric Stash:
The majority of my fabric is stored by color in one side of my Project table. It is a 3 x 3 cubbies, and I store my fabric using Comic Book Boards.FabricStash

Fabric Collections & Solids:
So, this side of the project table has been recently reorganized, as of this morning, to incorporate those new solids and the collections I have shown the last couple of weeks.FabricStash_CollectionsSolids

The last thing in my sewing room I love is the “break area”.

Break Area:
The sofa of course now has my yellow & grey Kiwi cushion and the Spoonflower bolster cushion to help with the quiet creative thinking time 😉

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24 thoughts on “Sunday Stash {18.08.2013} + Sewing Room

  1. Julie Hirt

    You are so organized! Our rooms are similar shapes and I have the same style of cutting table! My fabric stash is embarrassingly messy though. Love how you have it all put together by color too.

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thank you 🙂 The shapes with the alcove made it a little hard until I decide I would just make the alcove my table. The only thing I really need now is a wood floor 🙂

  2. Laura C

    lol I love the point at which the husbands are like, “um, what?” I seriously had a Kona FQ box in my cart at FQS yesterday, and it took a good deal of self-control not to just DO it. I’m so glad you did! Those solids are amazing!

    You have a dream studio space too. Love your white PB furniture.

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      I have done that a couple of times lately, adding to the shopping cart, thinking…thinking. I just promised the hubby that I will only spent what I sell for the rest of the year….time to get making stuff 🙂

      The sewing space has taken a while to build up. I think the white bookcase is Crate and Barrel Parson’s bookcase.

  3. clumsykristel

    Your sewing space is beautiful! One day I’ll have my own place where I can have a sewing space that doesn’t double as a guest bedroom and then hopefully I’ll be able to spread things out in a more useful (and attractive) way 😀

    The new set of Kona colours looks great! Lots of bright and beautiful colours in there.

      1. clumsykristel

        Yeah it is, and I do manage that most of the time! (Actually, its much better than it used to be because I used to sew at the kitchen table, which meant hauling everything to the kitchen every time I wanted to sew, and then putting it all away because we eat there every day!) But man would I like the room to organize things a little more usefully… 😀 (Then again, I’d actually have to organize, and somehow I’ve got a brain block when it comes to at home organization.)

  4. jan

    I just don’t know how you get anything done! I would just sit and stare all day if i had a sewing space like that! I love how you have it organized. I have been trying to make myself break up some collections and mix them with my stash, but I still keep libertys, tula Pink, heather ross etc…seperate.
    have fu

  5. anneandkita

    What a gorgeous space!! It must be wonderful to create in there. 🙂
    That stack of Konas is YUMMY!!! I have surprisingly few Konas, actually. Maybe it’s time for me to use my own tool to round it out! 😀

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