Seeing Spots

As mentioned during WiP Wednesday, I have a pouch swap this week at out Modern Quilt Guild meeting. It took me all week to do decide what I would make and finally I decided to get a couple of goals out-of-the-way with the one pouch….

  1. Finish a pouch for my partner at our guild swap.
  2. Finish the Patchwork, please Week 14’s Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch.

The Patchwork, please design gives you a couple of choices on how to do the main panels; I chose to paper piece the triangle fronts. I also decided that I would choose all blue fabrics with a theme of spots. Are you “seeing spots”?


I would say, if you want a pouch project that you could knock out quickly – this is not it. All up, this pouch was 3-5 hours worth of work. It was not what I expected.  It turned out great. I decided to continue the theme of spots for the base, but add a splash of orange for contrast, and then continued that orange for the lining.


Fabric details for my “Seeing Spots” Pouch are as follows
Fabric Choices for Triangles
Aunt Edna Circle Dot Blue, Denyse Schmidt Collection, Joann
Micro Mod Blue and Citron, Cloud 9  – City Quilter, NYC
Metro Living Circles in Turquoise, Robert Kaufmann – Fresh Modern Fabrics
Polka dot fabric from Joann’s
Meadow Lark Circle Tile, Denyse Schmidt Collection, Joann
Meadow Lark Circle on Tonal Aqua, Denyse Schmidt Collection, Joann
Mirror Ball in Starlight, Mark Hordyszynki, HB Fabrics – City Quilter, NYC
Metro Living Circles in Navy, Robert Kaufmann – Fresh Modern Fabrics
Kona White
Fabric Choices for Base and Sides:
Flirty Flowers Tonal Dots, Robin Zingone, Robert Kaufmann – Fresh Modern Fabrics
Kona Navy
Fabric Choices for Lining:
Blossom Reel Plaid Orange, Denyse Schmidt Collection, Joann


Linking up with the Debbie’s Zakka Along 2.0 over @ A Quilter’s Table and with Kristy @ Quiet Play for Paper Piecing Party.

14 thoughts on “Seeing Spots

  1. clumsykristel

    This pattern sort of looked intimidating to me! I’ve seen a few people mention it was pretty tough, but eventually I’ll maybe get around to giving it a go anyway! It looks great with the dots though! I really like that print you used for the lining too.

    1. mlwilkie Post author

      Thank you. I was surprised how much DS fabric I had…didn’t think I was a huge fan but I actually have more than I thought.

      The pouch wasn’t too complicated via paper piecing but it was a lengthy project. I was expecting to be all finished in 2 hours. Started at 11 and finally finished at 6 (with a few breaks :-)). It was definitely at least 3 hours

  2. Lizzie

    Love how you added orange for the lining. Isn’t it funny how Denyse Schmidt fabrics can sneak into a project seamlessly? I never think I am a huge fan till I use them……lovely!

  3. Susan

    Most things take me longer than I think they will, whether it is fixing dinner or sewing or yard work, etc. I would be interested in any of the books, but the one about making your own stamps sounds interesting to me as I don’t find very many pre-made stamps that I really like or else they cost a bundle. Of course, I am always asking what’s for dinner too 🙂


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