New star block design

I have been playing around in threadbias again today. Growing up in New Zealand gave me an amazing chance to be exposed to a lot of Pacific arts. One of my favorite arts are Tapa Cloths. Here is an example of what a Tapa Cloth is. Can’t you see a quilt design in there πŸ™‚ed875c35d028d0c57343d0792073a8c4

Tapa Cloths use a lot of basic shapes such as triangles, circles and squares. Here is my new design inspired by this art form. This view is using some Lotta Jansdotter print to highlight the simple shapes.


What about how it would look as a monochromatic block (1 color)….

Tapa Cloths art form fills “in between” shapes with stripes and other fillers. For example, see above, the flying geese have all those stripes in the “in between” spaces. So, I took the same monochrome view of the star block and added some stripes to get this……

I am thinking of making these into paper piecing patterns. What do you think…paper piecing pattern or just a block pattern?

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13 thoughts on “New star block design

  1. clumsykristel

    I think paper piecing would probably be easier in the long run, rather than piecing it regularly. But that’s largely because of the skinny triangle, which would probably still require a template.

  2. sarahschraw

    Oooh! I love it with the stripes especially. This reminds me of Meg Callahan. Have you seen her work? It’s on pinterest a lot. She says she’s influenced by southwest rugs or something like that.

  3. karenthequilter2014

    Tapa cloth is great inspiration for quilting. I have a few pieces of tapa and have been think they would be great inspiration for a semminole quilt. Thanks for sharing your piece of tapa and for your block – I vote for paper pieced.

  4. Allison

    Really love the blocks and different variations. I think paper piecing this would make life SO much easier. It maybe I’m on a bit of a paper piecing kick right now, but still think it would be super easy as a paper piecing pattern.

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