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Riley Blake MQG Challenge – Design complete

Have you seen the Riley Blake Modern Quilt Guild Challenge?? Our guild handed out fabric sometime in October. I have only started now, and until now I had no idea what I was going to do.

Here are the fabrics (picture from MQG page):

The Navy gingham, Hipster Orange, Yellow Polka dots and the Aqua/Teal zig-zag fabrics made me think of different phases of a fine day.

Sunrise: Yellows + Oranges
Mid-day: Yellows + bright blues
Sunset: Purples + Pinks
Evening: Navy blues + Blacks

This lead to this design “A Fine Day”. Each of the color blocks will be improv scrap blocks, not solid as in the design below.


I plan to quilt it with some circular quilting on the lower half and then radiating lines on the top 1/2 in various colored thread.

In the challenge, you can add any Riley Blake fabric + any solid. Tomorrow, I will post some of my additional fabric choices.

Are you entering the Challenge? What are your plans?

New star block design

I have been playing around in threadbias again today. Growing up in New Zealand gave me an amazing chance to be exposed to a lot of Pacific arts. One of my favorite arts are Tapa Cloths. Here is an example of what a Tapa Cloth is. Can’t you see a quilt design in there 🙂ed875c35d028d0c57343d0792073a8c4

Tapa Cloths use a lot of basic shapes such as triangles, circles and squares. Here is my new design inspired by this art form. This view is using some Lotta Jansdotter print to highlight the simple shapes.


What about how it would look as a monochromatic block (1 color)….

Tapa Cloths art form fills “in between” shapes with stripes and other fillers. For example, see above, the flying geese have all those stripes in the “in between” spaces. So, I took the same monochrome view of the star block and added some stripes to get this……

I am thinking of making these into paper piecing patterns. What do you think…paper piecing pattern or just a block pattern?

Linking up with Lee over at Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Threadbias design tool review + Quilt Design

This week, if you have been following, you would have seen I have been trying out threadbias.com design tool for designing quilts. Overall, I am loving it !! I have learnt so much in a week.

What do I like about the tool:

  • The price – $10 a month. You can cancel the subscription at any time and you will be allowed to use it until the period you have paid for ends
  • Free tutorials. So, far I have not used the tutorials but I do plan to take the time while I am out on vacation.
  • The ease of use.
  • Time saving – I have had these ideas in my head so long and just have not had the time to put them on paper.
  • The availability of fabrics to add to your tool stash in which you can use in your design. This way you can get an idea how it will look.
  • Its ability to select a shape and to replicate across and down (tiles).
  • The display of fabric requirements – that shows you how much fabric you would need for each print you use in the design you create.
  • The ability to add borders around your quilt easily (tool option on the menu)
  • The ability to save the images/export them.

My initial wants:

  • Ability to add a rectangle and split it up with stripes to mimic an improv block. The choices for adding the stripes would be same width + straight, random differing widths + straight, and then same sized + sloped/straight random, random differing widths + sloped/straight random.
  • Export image with ruler & grid
  • Ability to select all within a region by clicking your mouse to start and draw a region and then release…then I would like to copy that area and paste.
  • Ability to print the fabric requirements list.
  • I would love it if I could import the image and requirements into another tool for pattern creation, where the pattern tool would provide you a template or allow you to use a template.

Here are the designs I have created this week with the design tool:

This way, That way
Natural Corridors

A “Pinky” is a pink marshmallow chocolate bar we have in New Zealand. This theme is right in line with my new quilt design….”Pinky”. I had mentioned previously, that I want to do Candy Coated Quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts. As I started thinking about it, I wanted to make it my own, so I changed it to this. Now, all I have to do is decide on the Chocolate or the Grey borders around the improv blocks. What do you think??
PinkyBar_Chocolate_QuiltDesign PinkyBar_QuiltDesign

Please note, my review of threadbias.com Design Tool is not sponsored, or been requested. The likes and wants are purely my own opinions.