New quilt design (9 block sample) + Modern Bee winner redraw

Merry Christmas to all my family and friends (including those in the virtual world :-))!!!

Sorry for those that are expecting a Book Review Tuesday, today. Unfortunately, I am knee-deep in Christmas gift making still. I know, I know, I have only 6 hours of awake time left. Book Review Tuesday will return next week. The last book review giveaway “Modern Bee” (see review here) did not get claimed… the new winner is:

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 3.23.53 PM

#80 and this is Stephanie @ Quarter Incher

I am thinking about teaching some quilting classes next year. I have been playing around with designing new blocks for a sample quilt. Each block has a finishing size of 12″. Many of the designs have been inspired from wall paper, upholstery or tiles. This is my first effort. I am really liking it, and think some of the blocks could be a great overall quilt design as well.


Another thought was to change-up the bottom left hand corner to include circles:

Or change-up the color Palette (Nay, Red, Grey, Black and White):

I would love to hear your feedback. Would you take a class that covers each block, maybe in 3 sessions??

6 thoughts on “New quilt design (9 block sample) + Modern Bee winner redraw

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