WiP: Book Review Tuesday

Yes, I am late for Book Review Tuesday,  this week. It is likely to be a Book Review Thursday, as the project for the book, is running a little behind. This is my first week back at work. Did it shock your system to go back after the Christmas break? It sure has been a shock to me 🙂

My project for the Book Review is a mini appliqué quilt, that I am calling “Hothouse Orchids”. This is my first all over appliqué quilt, and I am learning a lot while I try out this new method.



I am hoping to post a finish tomorrow, so stay tuned for the finish + giveaway. I will say the book I am posting about is a new favorite!!! Love it!!

For now, I am linking up with Lee over @ Freshly Pieced for WiP Wednesday (see right hand side menu for button/link).

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